Scope Dance.

I just did the Scope Dance.  Normally I give my buddy Fenris hell for always moving his scopes around… and now here I did it.

I pulled my EOtech off my M4, my Bushnell Holosight off (one of) my 870 Tactical, and my Lucid HD7 of my Sterling.  I never liked the thing on the Sterling and only put it on there for further accuracy testing.

So now the Bushnell Holosight is now on the Sterling because it’s the lowest mounting optic of it’s type.  The Lucid is on the M4 because I like the precision accuracy I got out of that combination when I was testing the Lucid… and that EOtech is now on the 870 Tactical.    I really like the way these guns are set up now.  I was going to Scope Dance a few more guns, to shake up the combinations but these are the 3 guns that needed it and it all worked out flawlessly and are probably the ideal options out of what I have in inventory.

The only gun that is still needing a better optic on it, is Killswitch, my Savage 93R17 HB.  The optic that’s on it now is the Bushnell Elite 3200 2-7×32.  I need to go up to at least a 4-12 on that sucker.  It can reach farther, with more precision than this 2-7 can deliver.  Great scope for what it is.  But P-Dogs are small and a bit more magnification would be a boon.

2 thoughts on “Scope Dance.”

  1. Just started a minor scope dance myself this weekend. Ditching the cheap old 3×9 on my son’s .270. It’s adequate and reliable but unworthy of that pre-64 M70. I’ll be pulling the 3.5×10 VX-III off the varmint weight AR to put on the Son&Heirs .270. Might set that old 3×9 up on my Nylon 66 just for giggles.

    Ordered a Burris Fullfield II 4.5x-14x42mm for the AR. Couldn’t believe how much those have come down since I first noticed (based on your scope rec list on WTA a couple years ago). When I “$235” for that unit, my wallet came out and the scope dance started.

    You’ve got me seriously considering a Lucid for my iron sighted M4orgery.

    1. I think Lucid needs to change the AAA battery type to an AA battery. That would be an improvement. Those 8X Lithium AA batteries rock to a shockingly high degree. All my flashlights are now AA types and I’m getting totally away from any of the Surefire 123 type lights.

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