So I’m working on editing my book getting it ready for publication.  I’ve come to the conclusion that editing on the screen of a Netbook is far more grinding than editing normally is.  This makes it slow.  As soon as this editing is done, I’ll be working on the cover.  I’m going to do a photo type cover.  Staging, costume, make up… and asking the Utah National Guard for the use of some Military Assets.

As soon as I can finish the editing.   I hate editing.   I hate editing on a Netbook at least 3 times as much.

Trade Offer

X-Bolt Composit Stalker

Browning is sending me an X-Bolt Stalker in .300WSM.  Nikon has sent me a Monarch 3-12 BDC.  I have the scope, still in the box, and unopened.   The rifle will be sent to me, according to Browning, in June.    This is a great package for hunting North American Big Game. I’m pretty jaded about rifles, but the new X-Bolts have impressed the hell out of me.  I really like the way they feel and balance, and the accuracy has been awesome out of every X-Bolt I’ve seen.  However, I don’t need this rifle.  What I need is a good laptop for processing video.  Oh, I want it… I’d love it… seriously… but I need a good laptop.

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