(Update) Crusader’s June Carbine Class

Tactical Carbine is usually our entry-level course designed for new carbine shooters.  However this class is combined with our Advanced class to give you everything in one package, all in one day.

This is the most comprehensive, in depth, and grueling course we’ve put on.

This course is for those who wish to learn how to operate their carbines quickly, efficiently, and accurately. You’ll learn everything about your carbine from the ground up, including basic safety, proper handling, short to mid-range target engagements, and proper target acquisition.

This is an AR-15 focused course. However, if you have any carbine sized rifle (AK type or what have you) and have been looking for an entry-level class that will teach you how to use it, Crusader’s Tactical Carbine course is for you.

Due To Limited Slots, Deposit Will Be Required.

Safety Briefing
Direct Gas vs Piston Systems (How Your Gun Works)
Weapon Maintenance
Internal, External, Terminal Ballistics
Malfunction Clearing
Reloads and Ammo Management
Basic Rifle Marksmanship
Shooting Positions
Multiple Targets
Use of Cover
Strong and Weak Hand shooting
One Hand weapon manipulation
Ground Fighting
Weapon Transitions
Shooting and Moving
Team Work and Communication
Optional After Action Review and Refueling (Diner at Cafe Rio – Tex-Mex but we go Dutch)

At least 3 Magazines with Mag Carriers
300 rounds of ammunition
Mags and Carriers for Pistol
150 rounds pistol ammunition
Ear & Eye Pro
Weather appropriate clothing and gear (don’t forget Sunscreen)
Hydration and Energy (Food and Drink, Crusader doesn’t cater)

Cost: $300
Location: Vernal, UT
Date: JUNE 4th.
Time: 0900 – 1800 MST

For more information, check out the WTA thread.

Update: I’m throwing in some new stuff I’ve learned from some Israelis.  Just to get away from all the MagPul/Blackwater/Marine stuff.


6 thoughts on “(Update) Crusader’s June Carbine Class”

  1. Let me check my calendar Ogre. The 4th is out (It’s the day I try and kill myself in the gym) but the 11th might be doable. Sounds like fun.

    1. I just checked the schedule at work… 3 guys have the 11th off – they asked for it first. So this class is going to have to be on the 4th. Tell you what though – I’ll make sure to give you a work out when you get up here.

  2. I’m guessing you would indeed. The only thing is it’s the 100 Miles of Nowhere, a cancer fund raiser. I’m dedicating my effort to my mom who is in the end stages of lung cancer. I’m not even sure she’s going to make it to the 4th (though we are praying she will). Sorry Ogre, it’s an event I have to make.
    I’ll keep checking the training schedule. I will find a class up there to attend. I want to shoot with you. I need someone of your calibre to beat the rustiness and bad habits I’ve acquired out of me.

    1. Well my prayers will be with you and your family…. My grandfather was taken by Cancer. The Huntsman Cancer Center is highly recommended… The best in the country from what I’ve seen.

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