11 thoughts on “Employee Parking”

  1. Sweet couple of bikes. You should ditch the windshiled and back seat dude. Get some new bars and paint that think dark blue. 😉

    I like that Vulcan.

    1. That photo was two weeks ago. Your suggestions have already been done. But not the paint – yet. I’m going to do the red bits flat black.

      1. I can’t really tell what all the other bikes are, but the one in front is a Harley Dyna “Wide Glide”… one of the few HD’s that’s on my WANT list.

        1. Yeah, the Wide Glide is mine. The other bikes almost amuse me… they are all twinkies of each other. They’re a bunch of Road Kings that are set up nearly identically. With all the variety out there, it’s almost amazing that five different guys came up with the same concept.

        2. If I get a chance, I’ll try and find a pic of my Dyna StreetBob to put up. I think you’ll dig it.

          It started life as Flat Black, but after the crash I repainted; it now is more of a Flat Satin Black.

  2. Sweet! My bike gets its own space at my workplace, too. And while mine looks WAY sweeter without the back seat and sissy-bar/rack, it sure is way more functional for carrying stuff with it on. It comes off for bike nights and shows, though.

  3. I like the black bike in the picture. I have a soft spot for Magnas, but I ride that K-sock Vulcan.

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