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The Blaze has an interesting news article.

Zombies are worth over 5 Billion dollars.

I am wondering if Zombies are worth more than Werewolves or Vampires now.  Hmmm.  That would be interesting to know.    Zombie popularity is huge.  Forget Ann Rice and Edward Cullen.  Zombies.  They are like Bacon.  They make everything better they are added to.

Now, most Zombie stories are about just base survival.  Living through the Zombie Apocalypse is good… that’s fine.  Uprising is about winning the Apocalypse by doing what few others do.  Capitalizing on the situation and taking advantage of opportunities… and crushing evil where it’s found.


How I wrote Uprising.

I’ve had a lot of emails asking about how I wrote Uprising USA.  It was written mostly on a Netbook, an HP Mini, running Ubuntu Linux and I used Google Docs.  Then what I wrote was posted online at WeTheArmed.com.  The encouragement of the members there drove it, and continues to drive it.
In Uprising UK, its written much in the same way… However all the new content from what was initially posted on WTA is written on my HTC Sensation smartphone, using an app called Epistle. Then it is sent to Google Docs… Final editing on my end is being done with OpenOffice. Reason being is that I can write whenever, wherever I want.  Good ideas escape less frequently. 

Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

My brother Zack, and my friends Mike, Larry, and Tom were at ConDuit and were all on a panel together about surviving in a world gone Zed.
First point of order… When it comes to winning against Zombies, ignore everything Max Brooks has ever written. If you have to get a book or two to follow, the first book to get is the Boy Scout Handbook. Not a new one, but an old one. Then, if you can, the US Army Ranger Manual. Just to make you feel safer.

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Zombie Survival

With the CDC warning of Zombies, and the Zombie Survival Discussion Panel that’s going to happen Friday Night at ConDuit with Larry Correia, Mike Kupari, and my brother Zack… I thought I’d preemptively put out my opinion on the subject.  Luckily, I found that my good friend Terry has made my argument for me in language so clear and concise as to command acquiescence and affirmation.