11 thoughts on “Uprising USA update”

  1. Personalized too? I am so excited about this book. That cover is amazing. I am so proud of you George!! You WTA’d guys have influenced Jim to write..and for that I am so thankful.

  2. I’m not dissing on you or anything, but what makes your zombie apocalypse book different from all the other zombie apocalypse books?

    1. Why would that question be dissing? There are two differences… One is the First Person Perspective. Most zombie books are not. It starts out in a more realistic “What If” scenario and then it grows… Second is scale. Not just a Small Stage story. This goes across the country and in the following books (contract for all four is signed and sealed) around the world. Every character is someone I know, or closely based on people I know.
      We also have a different biology base for Zombies based on more realistic principles. Then we take it a step further.
      The coolest thing about Uprising however… I’m not the only author. There are several other authors working on their own Uprising Stories and they all interweave. In some parts, it plays out like playing 4 way checkers with each writer making a move and the other writers acting of that…
      So when you read Uprising – you will also want to read the other works and see what happened from the other perspectives because some of those would be paramount to what happens next in another story. Much like how Ender’s Shadow cast new light on Ender’s Game. Eh?
      What’s being published here is just what I wrote – my perspective – and you’ll have to get the other books to get the whole story. And other writers take off on their own story arcs as well… some of them are even better than my own. Uprising is absolutely EPIC in scale. This book is just the beginning.
      I’ll create a website which keeps track of all this so one can get all the books in order.
      Maybe do a timeline thing.

  3. You and our friend Larry Correia, doing Utah proud. Can’t wait for your book. Hope this is HUGE for you. Will download as soon as it’s available. Want an autographed one for the bookshelf too. DShaw had great things to say about it!

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