The Battle of Athens

Sometimes, good men have to stand up and do what’s right regardless of the price.
This is why we have the Second Amendment. Not for Hunting. Not for Sport. Not for Self Defense. But for the Defense of Liberty.

17 thoughts on “The Battle of Athens”

    1. The Economy version of the Benelli… it’s a great shotgun. Make sure you tighten the stock. I’d hit it with some Blue Locktite.

  1. I like to see portrayals of the most shining moment of my home town.

    Incidentally, unless it’s happened in the last 6 years that I’ve been gone, there hasn’t been a democrat elected to a major office in McMinn county since.

  2. Also, I believe these are excerpts from “An American Story.” It’s a fairly close version of the story produced by Hallmark, just set in TX, not TN. Apparently, people find this sort of action more believable out of Texas cowboys, not TN valley dairy farmers.

    A dangerous mistake to make, really.

    1. Yup. It can be very dangerous. Who do they think settled Texas anyway? It was people that we ran out of Tennessee.

  3. I’ll have you know my paternal family was not run out of Tennessee…We ran out of Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, and finally settled down in Arizona, except for the peculiar branch off that I belonged to, which left Arizona went to California then back to Texas.

  4. But what happened to the officials?

    I can’t find any indication that these terribly corrupt representatives faced any official sanctions or prosecution for their years of criminal activity.

    They just went home stripped of their titles.

    No fines, no prison time, no repercussions at all.

    That’s not justice in my book.

    1. The reason you can’t find any indications of prosecution is because you really can’t find any information about them. I’ve been told the local rail station did a very brisk business for a few days. Perhaps they settled in Texas.

      Same people told me all firearms used showed up in the armory the next day perfectly cleaned.

  5. Can you guys just imagine this happening today? We wouldn’t be jumping in our pickups and going home that night. We’d all disappear, or show up as a lineup on Drudge tomorrow morning.

    I’d rather eat a pound of worms but looks like Rmoney is gonna be our guy this November. No way no how I’m voting for Obamalamadingdong or sitting this one out, but YUCK.

    Get my ass kicked every day over on Free Republic for this sentiment, but I’m a few bricks short of going full on armed rebellion against our pitiful government at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve lived a good long life and don’t think dying for our beautiful country would do anything but make me sleep well in that old Texas dirt out west, but that is a fight we won’t win.


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