Congratulations to Maryland.  A Federal Judge has deemed their unfair and restrictive permitting system to be unconstitutional.  We’very yet to see what actual changes this will bring to that state… But its positive… A step in the right direction.
Congratulations to my Brother for finally getting his permit paperwork done… He too will soon have his permit.
Another step in the right direction. 
But where is this direction heading?  What is the goal?
How about living in a free country where we don’t need a permit to exercise a constitutional right?  It’s a right, not a privilege… We don’t have Church Permits… Speech Permits… A pass from Quartering troops.  But the one right that specifically says Shall Not Be Infringed, so boldly… is chained around the neck with Permits.
We don’t require permits to buy beer… Permits to engage in vice… To have babies… But to carry with you the means if self defense we’ve allowed our states to infringe upon us.
I call upon every State Representative in Utah, and every other State, to drop all permits and recognize the Second Amendment at face value… Adopt Constitution Carry and recognize that right for citizens of other States.

7 thoughts on “Permits”

  1. Kudos to the Judge,

    The ruling only makes sense. Why should one have to meet some arbitrary “need” to exercise a right? I’m all for Constitutional Carry. It does nothing to make legal anything that makes certain behaviors and actions illegal as a matter of law.

    I just recently discovered you guys from listening t the Armed American Radio. Great work, keep it up.

  2. As a resident (inmate) of the People’s Democratic Republic of Maryland, I read the news of this ruling with some interest. Of course, our fearless Attourny General will appeal the decision. No bunch of puss-nuted politicians in this state will allow the people to realize that if they can defend themselves from criminal assualt, why, they might get some silly notion that politicians control too damn much of thier day to day lives…. Jim Crow laws in Md. started with gun control, we lost open carry in ’68, hell we got saddled with a handgun roster board under Gov. William Donald Schaffer that decieds what make & models can be sold here. Waiting periods, 1 gun a month, EBRs treated as handguns, welcome to the “Free State”.

    1. You’re welcome here in Utah.
      I made the move, and I’ll never go back.
      Of course, if drink alcohol, the laws about THAT out here will seem familiar to Maryland’s gun laws.

  3. I am looking forward to applying for my out-of-state permit once they get their stuff straightened out with the new ruling.

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