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Lesson Learned…

The Barrett M82A1’s rail has a built in 20MOA can’t built in.   This was known.

The Nikon M223 Mount has a 20MOA cant built in.  This was NOT known.  (It’s not on the packaging anywhere, but it is on the website)

As it turns out, 40MOA of incline doesn’t work.  Unless you want to be 5 feet high at 500 yards with the scope adjusted to it’s full range of movement… yeah… that’s not good.

I don’t know why.

The Barrett model 82A1 is almost Ten Grand.  And I don’t know why.  I can’t put my finger on any tangible reason the thing is so bloody expensive.   The gun is a very simple design with no complicated machining, and it uses some very common parts.  The gun is build of what looks like stamped sheet metal.  Thick, but it’s still sheet metal that has some bends.  Some of those bent metal parts are welded together with welds that… well… Let’s just say I’ve seen better welds in high school metal shop class.  Just looking at the gun I’d say it’s a 600 dollar gun, with a 2,000 dollar barrel… so I’d price it at about 2600 bucks.

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