What to do with these two lovelies?


I still can’t decide on what configurations to build with these two lovelies.   I think one should be a pistol at least.  They were both transfered as “pistols”, so maybe both into pistols.  Light weight builds, but they don’t have to be airweights.  Maybe one pistol and one light carbine?  I want them to be unique.
Post links to images of suggested builds and the Parts I should buy for the builds.  Help me out here.

11 thoughts on “What to do with these two lovelies?”

  1. You could do what I’m planning for my eventual AR: an SP 1.5, i.e. a lightweight 20″ barrel with a fixed A1-ish length stock.

      1. I don’t have it yet. This build is still a ways down the road. And I’m planning on getting a DDI AK first.

        But I was planning it with a Black Hole 20″ lightweight barrel (not pencil-profile, .750 gas block), YHM folding front sight block w/ sling mount and bayonet lug, and MagPul MOE furniture.

      1. Yes, but build an A2 with a CavMfg A1-length stock, and you will have a buyer if you decide you don’t like it.

  2. I finished a 10.5″ 300 Blackout pistol a couple months ago. Love it. When I get the funds together for a suppressor, it should be even better.

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