Since I was 17 years old…

Since I was 17 years old, I’ve consistently said that “They need to build an M1 Carbine that fires 9mm and feeds from a regular pistol magazine.”  I think I’ve said this on just about any gun forum I’ve talked about the M1 Carbine on.

And now, finally, many many years later… Someone has done just that.  Using common and easy to find… and cheap to acquire, Beretta 92 Magazines.  I’d have rather Glock, but barring Glock, Beretta 92 is the next best choice.

I love this idea.  I’m completely jazzed about it.  I’m looking forward to seeing many modifications to these… all manner of custom work.  The thought of one of these in a Paratrooper configuration just makes me weak in the knees.

Some will ask about the Company.  Citadel.  These guys are in the Philippines… state of the art facility.  And have put out some very decent 1911 pistols for very reasonable prices.

I’m unsure of the state of that facility now, giving the disaster that has befallen the Philippines with that Super Hurricane that almost wiped the whole country off the map.  But here’s to hope.

15 thoughts on “Since I was 17 years old…”

  1. Call me when it’s offered in .45Iand/or 10mm….I do love me some Armscor/Rock Island Armory products!

  2. “Pricing is $349 for the synthetic version and $426 for the wood…”

    Wonder what the street price will be here in SoCal (if it’s even offered here). Even at full MSRP I’d be likely to buy one just reflex alone.

      1. IMHO, the 10mm fanbase is still willing to buy guns, they just want a little novelty. Typically what happens is they beg manufacturers to make guns in their caliber, but if a manufacturer gives in, they roll out… a 1911, which is the lowest risk pistol to put out, since every component already exists COTS. But 10mm fans don’t want 10mm 1911’s very much; they can already get 10mm 1911’s, probably cheaper than the manufacturer wants for theirs. So nobody buys it and the gun industry goes back to “nobody really wants the 10mm.” Offer something newer than the Glock 20, I think it would sell.

  3. I’m wantin’ me a carbine that takes M&P mags. .357 sig would be great but I’d settle for .40 or 9.

  4. Why? Why go backwards with a pistol cartridge?

    The M1 Carbine was built to defeat 9mm SMG’s and pistols used by the Axis powers in WW2.
    The .30 Carbine cartridge was one of the first attempts to make an intermediate cartridge that
    had greater range & power than a pistol, but not as much as a full rifle. Granted, it could have been better, but they wouldn’t have built 6 million carbines had they been a failure. It was built specifically as a weapon for support troops in the rear, but found its way to the front through pure merit. I would suggest reading the late Lt Col John George’s book, “Shots Fired In Anger” for his appraisal of the Carbine he carried in Burma with Merrill’s Marauders. His experiences silence the
    armchair “experts” who put down the little carbine’s capabilities.

    Now, if someone were to INCREASE the power like Melvin Johnson tried to do with his “Spitfire”
    post-war conversion I would get excited. Imagine a 7.62×39 instead of the .30 Carbine’s 7.62×33…
    Now THAT would be a step in the right direction.

  5. Mech-Tech makes a “top end” for Glocks or 1911s that, while it is not an M1Carbine (which I love) will do quite a few different calibers. At $350 that’s not too bad.

    The primary thing I see wrong with the one you posted a link to is that it is “due to ship” before too long. Didn’t we hear that about which 10mm pistol for how many years?

    The Mech-Tech ships once they receive your money, and does . . not . . require an FFL to be involved.

    YES! I love the M1Carbine.

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