The Army’s New Carbine Competition

The US Army is going to hold a new Carbine Competition.   This weapon will be replacing the M-4 Carbine.  I suspect adoption will occur in 2013 or ’14… but the question is which gun is going to take it.  All the major players are gearing up for this.   Colt, HK, FNH, Remington, Beretta even has one, and Robinson will throw their XCR up again…. there will undoubtedly be others as well.

The most interesting one, in my opinion is the Remington ACR.  I’d love to see that one adopted in 6.8SPC.   The new Beretta looks awesome, but I think it looks a bit too delicate, and I but there is an accuracy issue with it.  The XCR doesn’t interest me much… the SCAR didn’t make a whole lot of friends who were actually using it in combat and got its self de-funded.  The Colt is just another AR type… and the future M4A1 is essentially just an M4 with a heavier barrel and ambi controls.   If SHOT Show was any indication as to where the DOD Brass was… it was all around Remington.  I think they are going to take it.  I don’t see anyone else really stepping up and taking this one home.

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  1. Call me jaded, but I think the next “winner” of this Carbine Competition will be… the Colt M4A1. Seriously, in every single “test,” – and I use that word loosely here – either the M4A1’s been declared the winner outright, or else the real winner didn’t win by a big enough margin, so the Pentagon stuck with the M4A1. I see the exact same thing happening this time. Honestly, I think these Carbine Competitions are just put together when the high-ranking desk jockeys at the Pentagon get bored and want some entertainment.

  2. Even if the ACR wins every event of the competition I doubt the army will pick it up unless Remington offers the military a better price then what Bushmaster is selling them for. Colt will probably win with their Ar variant, being as it will be “Cheaper” with the parts commonality and minimal transitory training even if the base cost is more then the ACR. The bean counters and politicians always seem to win in these sort of things.

    1. You really think they would pay full retail? Come on. Consider that they pay 1300 for an M-4.
      Also, the Military doesn’t care about price if they want it. i.e. Stryker. Ospry. F-22. F-35… etc…

  3. I don’t know. The Beretta is looking pretty excellent (that selectable ejection is pretty fantastic). I definitely want to see how it can run against the ACR

  4. Again? I thought they already tried this. They should let Joe submit an M4 with a Slipstream treatment, and a lube kit. See how that setup fares against a piston gun or any new several thousand dollar gun.

  5. Check out these guys were all over shot show. I think these guys would be the sleeper.

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