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What is it for?

That’s a question most often uttered at the gun counter while the person is looking up at the .50 caliber rifle.   Many of those people asking came out to the factory range day and tried it out.  Just an observation here… but not one person at the range day who watched or tried firing the .50 cal ever uttered that stupid question.  ‘What is that for?”

I did get a lot of questions about if it’s legal to hunt with.  “Yes, with soft point ammo.”  I heard people utter their desires to take elk, mule deer, and bear with it.  Many people actually do and it doesn’t destroy as much meat as people think.    There are a lot of Urban Legends and Myths about the .50 that were dispelled at the range day.

Below are some of the people that when asked, can tell you what the .50 cal is for.

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Bushmaster BA50, .50 BMG Rifle.

This has become my favorite .50 BMG rifle. Okay, I know the audio cuts out… but watch.
My impression is that this is the best production .50BMG on the market. Great action, very accurate, and it’s the softest shooting .50 BMG out there. I’ve shot a number of other big fifties, and this is the softest shooting of all of them.

I like everything about this gun… save for one thing. The trigger pull is not good… But I think it’s going to be able to wear in just fine. Regardless… I think this one to buy. More accurate than an M107, softer shooting too. And it’s half the price. And you can shoot it just as fast with some practice.
Crusader Weaponry could really take one of these to the next level.

Considering a new AR build.

I think I want another AR, build by Crusader Weaponry of course… but I think I’m going to do something a little different.

Being a Gun Counter guy at the best stocked gun counter in the western states, I see a lot of AR-15 builds in a lot of different configurations and normally I’ve just glossed over them, and everything in all the catalogs.  But there is one that I keep coming back to… it’s not one we’ve stocked… but the idea of it is sticking in my head like a naughty idea.  I keep looking at the Bushmaster MOE Dissipator.  What I like about it is the longer sight radius for when using irons… and the longer gas tube, which does come good things for the gun’s longevity.  Mostly a slightly lower cyclic rate which reduces wear and tear slightly.   What a great looking gun… and it fits the way I shoot.  I like that.  A lot.  I think I need a Crusader build along those lines.

Also along these lines, I’m about ready to just sell my Surefire Quad Rails and the Surefire Weapons Light, Mount, tape switch and everything.   Hell, I’m about ready to just trade someone straight across for an MOE handguard with 2 rail section and a MX3 light.  Weight.  I’m tired of the weight.   As much as I love my M4’s accuracy, I’m sick of lugging that thing.  It is a heavy beast.  Of course I have the heavy barrel as well, which isn’t helping, but at least I could trim some mass off my primary weapon… couldn’t hurt.  (BTW, this wasn’t a Crusader Build)