Bushmaster BA50, .50 BMG Rifle.

This has become my favorite .50 BMG rifle. Okay, I know the audio cuts out… but watch.
My impression is that this is the best production .50BMG on the market. Great action, very accurate, and it’s the softest shooting .50 BMG out there. I’ve shot a number of other big fifties, and this is the softest shooting of all of them.

I like everything about this gun… save for one thing. The trigger pull is not good… But I think it’s going to be able to wear in just fine. Regardless… I think this one to buy. More accurate than an M107, softer shooting too. And it’s half the price. And you can shoot it just as fast with some practice.
Crusader Weaponry could really take one of these to the next level.

5 thoughts on “Bushmaster BA50, .50 BMG Rifle.”

  1. I’m surprised that this rifle (bolt action) is softer shooting than the semi version since usually a semi-auto rifle absorbs some of the felt recoil. What’s the physics behind this, I wonder? Ogre, thoughts?

  2. So the bolt is on the wrong side so you can work it without breaking your trigger hand… that’s so brilliant I can’t believe no one ever thought of it before.

    1. Actually, there are a number of actions made that way. They’re usually used in bench-rest competition.

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