Considering a new AR build.

I think I want another AR, build by Crusader Weaponry of course… but I think I’m going to do something a little different.

Being a Gun Counter guy at the best stocked gun counter in the western states, I see a lot of AR-15 builds in a lot of different configurations and normally I’ve just glossed over them, and everything in all the catalogs.  But there is one that I keep coming back to… it’s not one we’ve stocked… but the idea of it is sticking in my head like a naughty idea.  I keep looking at the Bushmaster MOE Dissipator.  What I like about it is the longer sight radius for when using irons… and the longer gas tube, which does come good things for the gun’s longevity.  Mostly a slightly lower cyclic rate which reduces wear and tear slightly.   What a great looking gun… and it fits the way I shoot.  I like that.  A lot.  I think I need a Crusader build along those lines.

Also along these lines, I’m about ready to just sell my Surefire Quad Rails and the Surefire Weapons Light, Mount, tape switch and everything.   Hell, I’m about ready to just trade someone straight across for an MOE handguard with 2 rail section and a MX3 light.  Weight.  I’m tired of the weight.   As much as I love my M4’s accuracy, I’m sick of lugging that thing.  It is a heavy beast.  Of course I have the heavy barrel as well, which isn’t helping, but at least I could trim some mass off my primary weapon… couldn’t hurt.  (BTW, this wasn’t a Crusader Build)


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  1. Those Dissipators are interesting little guns. I think when I’m finally able to buy a gun, I’m gonna get Crusader to build me an AR-15 like that, only with a railed flat top gas block or one with a folding front sight.

    How do those things work, anyway? Is the gas block on front the one that actually runs the gun, or does that one just function as a front sight and there’s a functional one is under the handguard?

    1. George, Raptor

      I don’t know if they changed the gas system but the one I had a few years back had a carbine-length gas system under the handguards. I think the Spike’s one would be the way to go, mid-length system for less wear and tear on the parts.

  2. I just picked up a Spike’s dissipator-style upper a few weeks back, George: mid-length gas, rifle-length MOE handguard, 1:7 barrel in a lightweight profile. Seems nice. Haven’t had time to try it out, though. (I’ve lubed it with Slipstream in the interim. Running low, too, so will probably be ordering more soonish.)

    It’s currently mated to a too-complicated lower covered in Magpul stuff (Hi, my name’s John, and I have a problem.). Probably not staying there without changing out the stock.

    I really like the extra length on the handguard. Definite improvement on the 7-ish inches available on a carbine.

  3. I bounced a similar idea off of Gundoc, he told me no problem. I originally got the idea from listening to Daniel Shaw on the Gunfighter Cast.

  4. Well from what I’ve read the Dissipator system doesn’t generate the complaints other systems that I’ve read about do. The pigtail system seems to have lost favor, haven’t seen anything lately on venting adjustable gas block valves. If you are staying with the 16 to 18 inch barrel for legal reasons it has the advantage of being a KISS set up. I’ve wondered if anybody tried a finned gas tube or large to small diameter tube for temperature and pressure control?

  5. My next AR build’s going to be in 300 AAC Blackout and I am probably going to suppress the thing. The cartridge and concepts behind it are too cool and the cheapskate part of me loves the fact that I can use regular AR magazines for it. No follower changes, nothing. WOOT!Spikes Tactical will be making the Upper here soon, and I have a couple of their stripped lowers (Pirate and Zombie, I’m such the geek) that I will be using. Here’s what I have for ARs so far:
    I have a S&W M&P 15R in 5.45X39. That’s a FUN rifle to shoot.It’s kitted out with an Ergo grip, Magpul MOE Carbine handguard, Viking Tactical sling, SOPMOD Stock, and Knights Armament Flashlight holder and a Surefire G2 light with Magpul BUS. Barrel twist is 1:8.
    I also have a mixmaster that I call Frank (short for Frankenstein built on a Cavarms polymer lower, DPMS Lower Parts Kit (greased with Slipstream Grease!) LMT M-4 Upper with a 1:7 twist chambered in 5.56. This rifle has a similar setup, Viking Tactical Sling and Flashlight mount with a Surefire G2X light and Magpul BUS. The S&W sometimes jams, but this mixmaster hasn’t. I am very impressed since I have put the Slipstream oil on the parts in the upper. It’s amazingly light due to the CAVARMS lower.

    I was thinking about 6.5 Grendel, but the ammo is pretty spendy. I was thinking about 6.8, but with the two different ammos apparently available, I don’t want to deal with it. That and it’s expensive. 7.62X39 seemed obvious until the subject of reliable magazines came up.

  6. Ogre wrote,
    “I’m tired of the weight. As much as I love my M4′s accuracy, I’m sick of lugging that thing. It is a heavy beast.”
    With all due respect you should get some more exercise and perhaps a have your testosterone level checked. What happened to the mind that brought us the concise summation of why the AR15/M16 sucks. Perhaps a cat scan is in order as well. Something has happened to you sir, something very bad.

    1. Nate, that’s for that. But you don’t know my weapon. It is, and I kid you not, the heaviest M-4 type carbine you’ve ever felt. Our Broadsword builds are lighter, and those are 7.62mm weapons. Every other M-4 type carbine feels like they are half the weight.

  7. Dang it! I ended up buying a Rock River 20″ a couple years ago because I hated the short handguards and reduced sight radius of the 16″ guns.
    When I dig out of the cash setback from other recent gun purchases, a Crusader version of this may be on the list if you guys can do it.

  8. My Magpul’d CMMG 16″ is right on about 7 pounds, not toooo bad, but I’ve been toying with a lightweight dissy build in my head… in 300BLK. I think that just sounds great.

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