Odd Shotgun Slug

I found this on Facebook from one of my Foreign Friends.  It’s a 12 gauge slug of an unusual design.  It’s a Sabot type, but looks like it would be stable out of a smooth bore.  The slug is aluminum but can be made of steel for greater penetration.

I'll take a case of this stuff.

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    1. I was talking to Oleg Volk about those shells. He’s very impressed with them. Massive Shock effect… it would make for a great Defense shell. However what that one lacks is Deep Penetration and the ability to punch Hard Cover. For a Police shell, I think that would be great. Especially if you got a guy that is about to do something very bad. A hit from that would shut that down instantly.
      What I want is a slug that will extend my range – 300 to 400 yards. I’ve already proven that a good Shotgunner can already hit at 200 pretty reliably… and I can lob shells to 300… but I want a shell that can carry further. I don’t know why… I just do.

  1. Good evening G.
    I just happened to browse. If I am not mistaken this is a FIER (not mispelled, this is a FIER sabot slug. It was marketed first under the italian Maionchi brand in the late 1990’s. They came in box of fives and I think that I still have a couple of them boxes somewhere. As I recall they have a stout recoil and they worked accurately out of 20″ smooth bores, but the combination of hard core and high velocity played hell with ricochet. Back in the 90s, I was practising shotgun in an old stone quarry and I remember that one of those bounced back and put a nasty dent on my truck as I was sighting in. I started paying attention and realized that the rounds where whizzing and ricocheting all over the place. Hence, some of them still lay unused almost 20 years later. I would hate to see the efffect of those on soft body armor though. I bet that the “needle” core will travel esily through soft armor, regardless th level of protection.
    For long range though, I am not sure. Conventional slugs are too slow and big to get past 300 meters. My experiments showed that conventional (Breneke, Gualandi or Foster) types cease to be useful past 150 meters. At 270-280 they start hiting the dirt, reaching the limit of their range. The only flat shooting slug that I know of is the french Sauvestre design. A .50cal copper “arrow” that flies true and remains useful for a good 200 meters. Close in it shoots high compared to conventional slugs (with a 50 mts. zero for the Breneke, my slug gun has roughly the same POI at 100 when I shoot the Sauvestre.). It is a great defense round capable of superior accuracy and indifferent ofsuch things as car doors and body armor. I have seen it go through them with no problem.
    They are pricey, but they are my only “serious” social rounds, if that means anything to you.
    Yours Tasos

    1. I’ve made hits to 300 yards and 400 yards with Fosters and Brenneke type slugs… The do lose a lot of velocity going out there, but a hit would still be very fatal. These new rounds look good out to two hundred. I want to get some of these for testing.

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