Women in War

American Warriors

We’ve read the reports that our Woman Warriors in The Stan are being encouraged to wear scarves over their heads.  We’ve read views supporting and opposing this from all directions.  My take on this is a little different.  The way I see it, Male or Female, they are American Warriors.   We should treat all of them the same.  No matter where they are.  And other nations should Fear and Respect them all the same as well. Continue reading Women in War

Let me get this straight.

In Iraq, we are fighting Al-Qaeda.  In Afganistan, we are fighting Al-Qaeda and Taliban.  But in Libya, we are Al-Qaeda’s Air Force and our Administration wants to arm them?

While the whole time the Administration wants to disarm us and keep an eye on us because we are the ones that are the potential threat.   I’m under the impression that our current administration is goofier than Keystone Cops.

Tom Selleck, good guy.

On Facebook, a “Friend” (who I don’t know from Adam) posted a link to a story about Tom Selleck.  The story’s headline is misleading.   Read the article and see if you come to the same conclusion that I did.  Tom reacted right.  He called the guy out on his poor gun safety.  Some clown picks up a gun, finger on the trigger, and starts pointing it at people… Tom sees it and promptly tells him to stop.  The clown probably regards Tom as a jerk and has his feelings hurt.  But that’s better than this clown claiming that “The Gun just went off” as he tries to explain to a grieving family how he killed their kid/dad/mom/etc.   Continue reading Tom Selleck, good guy.