Crusader Update: Joe is a Mad Scientist

Looking for ways to perfect our permanent Slipstream Process, we hit a wall that some said could not be broken.  Joe, being the Consumate Marine Gun Nut and Mad Scientist that he is… Broke that wall.

This wall was a Process that was said to be “Not Possible”.  Joe attacked the Process… and he has it figured out now.    Moving on to Testing now.

What I’m talking about is a new Process for our Permanent Slipstream Treatment.  This new process will allow the better and more complete treatment of small parts, and most importantly… inside small parts… such as your AR-15 Bolt.  This new process can apply the ST2 into that firing pin channel.  All the small nooks and crannies gets treated like butter in a English Muffin.  This will improve the penetration, uniformity, consistency, the adherence, the longevity…   One of the hardest things to treat is a simple spring.  This process will completely treat that spring.  Your Bolt Carrier… we would be able to treat INSIDE that bolt carrier to further improve cycling reliability.   This is HUGE improvement in Crusader’s ability to make our guns even that much better than anyone else…  I am so jazzed about this.  If all goes well in ST2 Testing… we’re going to surprise you with something…

My only fear is that this will be Too Good and we will be accused of using Alien Technology.    I don’t want to talk to the MIB… again…

10 thoughts on “Crusader Update: Joe is a Mad Scientist”

  1. I’m still waiting on the passenger car/light truck forumla!! I am a believer in Slipstream, and that’s not an easy thing for something to do to me…espically something so “mundane” as a lubricant and grease. I bought the kit last fall and have since bought 2 more bottles of oil…and I still have some left from my original purchase. I promote the stuff at every match I shoot in (3 times a month) and I convert at least 1 person every time. I’m working on 2 gun shops to actually buy some inventory so that it will be available locally.

  2. This actually makes me glad I haven’t had opportunity to send my AR to get treated yet, I think I’ll be giving Crusader a call in a few months.

  3. Mattitude, you’re the man brother. Thanks for the support.

    In the past we’ve said our treatments is not a corrosion protection treatment. All that changes with Slipstream 2. We are talking about a process that will leave you with no need for liquid lubrication. The only down side to this is that we can’t to it on everything. Internals, not a problem. You’ll just have bright, shinny, BLACK, Slipstream goodness parts.

  4. The stuff works. We use it to treat our used guns if they are kind of “rough” and it slicks them up rather nicely. I use it on ALL of my personal firearms and it’s to the point where if it’s applied correctly to a Glock, it stops the sproinginess and squeals normally associated with the lose fitting gun. There’s a local guy here who converts SAIGA 12 Shotguns that I am trying to introduce the stuff to. If anything can smooth up a SAIGA 12 shotgun, this stuff is it.
    I can’t speak highly enough of Joe or George IRT their Slipstream stuff.


  5. Hey there! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Huffman Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!

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