Tom Selleck, good guy.

On Facebook, a “Friend” (who I don’t know from Adam) posted a link to a story about Tom Selleck.  The story’s headline is misleading.   Read the article and see if you come to the same conclusion that I did.  Tom reacted right.  He called the guy out on his poor gun safety.  Some clown picks up a gun, finger on the trigger, and starts pointing it at people… Tom sees it and promptly tells him to stop.  The clown probably regards Tom as a jerk and has his feelings hurt.  But that’s better than this clown claiming that “The Gun just went off” as he tries to explain to a grieving family how he killed their kid/dad/mom/etc.  

Tom has been in and out of some controversies regarding his pro-gun stances.  He’s got a following of Pro-Gun Fans.  But he doesn’t seem to regard himself as a Gun Guy.  He doesn’t use a gun as part of his identity.  To him, the gun is just a tool.  Carpenters probably don’t think of themselves as Hammer Guys or Saw Guys… Mechanics don’t think of themselves as Wrench Guys or Pressure Gauge Guys.   Gun Guys do… and it’s interesting… We have Riflemen, Handgunners, and Shotgunners.  Even breaking it down… Autoloader Guys or Revolver Guys… and even Glock Guys or SIG Guys or 1911 Guys.   I guess we are a bit more passionate about our tools.
Why is that?  Probably because to us enthusiasts and aficionados, we appreciate a firearm on multiple levels.  It’s mechanical genius, it’s history, its design quality, it’s ergonomics and aesthetics… the combination of Form and Function and it’s application to purpose.  The difference between the “ideal” form of a Deer Rifle or Elk Rifle…

I don’t know Tom Selleck well enough to say what kind of a Guy he is… I don’t know if he appreciates the Firearm like we do.  Perhaps to him, it’s just metal and wood and is a simple tool he uses for work, acting a role.  He’s turned down the NRA for different things… or so rumor suggests.  Maybe he doesn’t hunt or shoot guns for sport or recreation.  He’s just knowledgeable of them and the risks involved with them so he respects the basic rules of safety.   I don’t know.  At least he doesn’t get all bent out of shape because there are guns on the set…   So I’m just going to call him a “Good Guy.”

I’ll admit that I like his Westerns… and his Jesse Stone series of films… But I don’t like one particular movie… in fact I hate it.  You know the one I’m talking about… the one that renamed a whole type of Rifle.  Any falling block rifle now gets called the wrong name because of that damned movie.  Like every copier is a Xerox to the ignorant… every falling block or rolling block rifle bears the burden of the new title… No, I’m not going to say it.

Okay, I liked the movie… I just don’t like the result of the movie…

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  1. From what I’ve heard him say in interviews(including him walking off of “the view” while he was there to promote a movie, not talk politics) he is a pro-gun guy. Not marky-mark who bad mouths Heston or damon who bad mouths guns, while making movies using them.

    As to turning down the NRA, so have I. Not offered positions in the organization mind you, but I will not buy a lifetime membership. I support the NRA(I always get atleast a “liberty sponsor” or better ticket for 2 dinners a year), but I will also send them(just like I would my other representatives) strongly worded letters when they do, or are leaning towards supporting, something stupid.

  2. AAAaaargh!!!
    I don’t know the movie you’re talking about. Actually, I THINK I do, but I can’t remember the title. Wasn’t it some kind of western? The Australia one?
    This is going to drive me abso-f**king-lutely nuts.
    Like the time someone asked me who played Gen Omar Bradley in the movie Patton with George C Scott. Bugged me for days. (Man up. Google is cheating)
    Tom also gets my “Good Guy” vote. Mainly because he comes across as mostly normal compared to the rest of the Hollyweird crowd.

    P.S. – If I had money to buy guns, I’d definitely get a Crusader 1911.

  3. QUIGLEY!!!

    Tom IS a good guy, a gun guy.
    Him putting his pro gun beliefs out in the public view in Hollywood would have made me a fan if I hadnt already been one.
    The accuracy he strives for in his period films is something the rest of the film industry should take not of also.


  4. I’ve never met him, but he has gone hunting on the ranch next to ours and left a good impression. It’s my understanding that he has a fine collection of old Winchesters and 1911’s.

  5. Good for Tom…..I’d call him a “Good Guy” too. As for “Quigley”…I liked it too, and any inaccuracys that came about, well…that’s Hollywood. Comes with the territory.

  6. Tom is VERY pro-gun guy and one of the few outspoken Hollywood types for gun rights. In fact when he was on Oprah he really got into a pro-gun discussion with O and it got really ugly…enough that he was never asked back on her show. He is a reknowned firearms collector and he used to be an active shooter, but I don’t know what he does nowadays.

  7. Tom reacted properly.

    In another life I was a mason. My boss whipped out a brand new stainless .44 Ruger Redhawk and proceded to start pointing it at people around the Office.

    I told him to knock it off. I told him that he knew better then that.

    He pointed it at me and I kicked it out of his hand. It bounced off his desk and landed on the floor.

    My boss was probably well able to kick my ass with one hand tied behind his back.

    He picked the gun up, examined it for damage, put it back in his drawer and told everybody to head to the job site.

    Not another word was ever said about it and he was always very carefull with guns, loaded or unloaded since.

  8. Tom’s visit to the Rosie O’Donnell show, in which she ambushed him in an attempt to trash him and all other pro 2A Americans, resulted ultimately in the cancellation of her show and a distinct downward turn in her career. Perhaps she learned not to enter into a battle of wits unarmed.

  9. Just watched Tom in one of his Jesse Stone films…
    I noticed his 1911 sported Gunsite logos on the grips.
    I wonder if this is something that the Jesse Stone Character has, or if Tom brought his own piece and attended Gunsite. Hmmm…

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