There’s been some interesting new releases that debuted at SHOT Show 2024, and within the last little while. I’ve not talked about the Industry in awhile so let me knock some rust off here.
Springfield Armory: They are doing great over there and are continuing to crank out rock solid 1911’s. They remain one of my top choices. Huge fan of their Operator, TRP, and Ronin series. They just released a new line called the Garrison, which to me seems just like the Loaded series, but without forward slide serrations. I’m not really a fan of their other 1911’s so much. I don’t need my 1911 to try to look like a ZEV Glock.
Their new Echelon pistol looks great and feels even better in the hand to me. As long as you don’t bother with the Extended Magazines, the guns are running great.
Remington: Following Mossberg now, they just released an 870 with a detachable box magazine. Which I think is a retarded idea that needs to go away.
Industry Wide there is a major flood of Double Stacked 1911’s. So many from all corners… but mostly from Turkey. We’ve never seen so many Double Stacked 1911s. Proof positive that the 1911 design is still as viable and popular as ever. They have a 9mm double stacked 1911 that runs Glock mags now. So, there’s that. Speaking of which…
Glock: They have FINALLY made a commercial version of what everyone has been doing all along, cutting down the frames to make shorter and more concealable grips. But really I found the Glock Model 45 to be just about perfect, once you upgrade the Sights.
Daniel Defense: They purchased the Hudson H9 pistol design and then spent the time, energy, and resources to actually make it work. This is a groovy thing, but the H9 is a pistol that just FEELS SO GOOD in the hand. I have wanted to like them… but now that DD is making them, maybe I can. Word has it that only 1 part is interchangeable between the two versions, so that’s a sign that a LOT of engineering had to be done. Makes me wonder why DD spent the money on Hudson design when they could have probably just done their own from the ground up.
Looks like Mossberg is still making their little pistol to everyone’s dismay. Has anyone actually seen one in a Gun Dealer’s Pistol Case? I haven’t. And I’ve been looking. Dealers response to inquiries have been a universal, “we can get one in if you want it.”
Buck knives released a new knife… the Buckmaster Diver Pro. Looks like a Kingon knife from Star Trek for $899. Which makes me think “WHAT THE FUQQ ARE THEY THINKING?”
Okay, the biggest shocker and smile maker of SHOT 2024 is S&W with their new 1854 Lever Action. I’m interested. Even if it looks exactly like a HENRY. And even if it is over 1200 bucks. Those I trust have reported great reliability and accuracy. Will I buy one? Maybe.

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  1. I’m digging the new “Ultimate Carry” J-Frames that Lipsey’s Developed with S&W. Might pick up one of the .32 H&R Mags as a late birthday present.

    RE: Springfield, I’m actually digging the refreshed TRPs. Might pick one up, especially now that there isn’t a Dan Wesson dealer anywhere near me. I don’t really dig their other 1911s, primarily because they insist on putting “slimline” grips on them. What’s wrong with standard-width 1911 grips, Springfield? Huh?

      1. Good to see the Ogre back talking about guns. I hate to be the guy to say it l, but I’m most excited about Kel-Tec the little 5.7 MP7 knockoff.

        1. Yeah, that new PSA looks interesting and 5.7 is a good choice for caliber rather than HK’s mutant little thing.
          PSA’s SHOTGUN though, is looking especially sweet to me.

  2. I was thinking the same thing about the Springfield 1911s, and got a Ronin Commander 9mm (so I could afford to shoot, with current ammo prices.) I felt great in the hand, and had a very nice trigger. And it was a jam-o-matic: 4 to 6 jams per 8-round magazine, with several brands of ammo, and 3 different mags. To their credit, Springfield took it back, and it seems to be fixed. I’ll have to shoot it a lot more now to feel confident.
    They reamed the chamber, polished the ramp, and “tuned” the extractor for failure to return to battery. That’s a lot of fixes for a brand-new gun.
    I know everybody has a “friday-afternoon gun” once in a while, but I’ll have to see better QC before I feel good about their product.

    1. Springfield’s Customer Service has never let me down… Even though I’ve only needed it a couple times over the last 3 decades. 1911’s are unique piece, but once the gun is set right, they tend to be right for the rest of their service time. I had one old – OLD – 1911 that rattled badly it was so loose. But it ran like a racehorse.

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