Passing on SpikeTV

SpikeTV called me last Thursday… Skype video interview… Followups…
They wanted me in a new TV show they are working up called “Americana”.  I don’t know what all the show would entail… But it sounds interesting.
It also sounded a bit too invasive.  I don’t want a TV Crew crawling around my home.  We are pretty private folks here and I’m not digging that. See, I’ve never posted pics of the front of my house, the names of all my kids, my street address… There is a reason for that. 
I’ve been followed, I’ve been threatened, I’ve faced some funky situations normal folks don’t deal with because I have a strange quasi minor celebrity thing going on… Then when I ran for office, I had more threats, tangible enough to warrant reporting.  Not against me… But my family.  Doing this show would not be in the best interests of my family.  It would have been great for me, for Crusader… But not my family.  So I’m going to pass.
Yes, I’m turning down another TV show.  Again.


Imagine a new American version of The Spanish Inquisition… You are an Inquisitor. You have no rules, no restrictions, no oversight.  You can Question anyone… with any dark age outcome you want, any enhanced methods or just straight up burning at the stake.
Who would you put in the chair?  The question… Why did you let America fall?  Why did you sell out the American Dream?  Etc. 
Who is your top five to question? 
Mine? Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Al Gore, Harry Reid, and George Soros. 

Cain is Out

I’m not happy about Cain dropping out.  I’m not surprised either.  Cain really was one of the best options and would have made a great President.
This leaves Mitt and Newt.  Sounds more like a Sit-Com than a Presidential race.  The upshot is that either one will do just fine… A Hell of a lot better than what we’ve had.  Neither of them are the perfect choice… Then again, there is no perfect choice.  People with the flawless backgrounds, the good upbringing, history, and the brains to really run things… They are busy actually running things and not running races.
So we end up with The Mitt & Newts Show.
I think I’d rather see Newt win than Mitt.  But Mitt would do a good job.

Strange Dreams

I was standing on the battlements at Ft. George, an ancient fortress in Scotland.  I was overlooking the waters where the River Ness spills out to the ocean.  I turned my head and I watched several large helicopters coming in for landings and one taking off.  The old cannons had been re-arsenaled, and were standing ready with gun crews who were standing at attention as I walked past.  Someone wearing medieval armor with an SA80 slung over her back came up to me with an iPad.  Reports and such.  I looked them over briefly and saw that the situation was better than I had hoped.  We had found more survivors. The only thing that bothered me where the crows flying around.  Thousands of them…
This dream was right from Uprising UK.  I could smell the salt air and jet engine exhaust.  Don’t know if other authors actually dream in there created universes, but it was pretty dang cool.
A lot of people are telling me that Uprising UK was more fun to read than USA…. They are digging it more.  I like it better.
I just hope Russia lives up to it!