Another SIG is in my brain.

I keep coming back and looking at it, handling it… Yes, another 1911.  Then I read a good review.  I don’t know why, I am pretty much a Glock Guy now… I don’t need another 1911.  I don’t even want another 1911… but I want this 1911.

Freak.  Working at a Gun Store has a serious drawback.



5 thoughts on “Another SIG is in my brain.”

  1. You just have to admit you are an addict. You don’t really want another gun. But then you find something that you can not resist. So you end up buying another gun you don’t need.
    There are many of us like you.

  2. That’s actually my next purchase.. that or the nitron carry model. Gotta have some corrosion resistance with this silly southern humidity.

  3. Be careful. SIG is having quality control issues right now, and their customer service has gone to H und K grade.

    They got a bean-counter for a new CEO, and it is starting to show.

    SIGs are becoming notorious for failing to fire or extract steel-cased Russian ammo, and SIG customer service is now claiming that firing Russian ammo voids their warranty.

  4. Lots of 1911 hatred in the comments of that article.

    I just don’t understand that. It’s a century-old pistol that’s still going strong. Some people like it. That doesn’t mean you have to. But why rag on it? Just stuff your Glock in its holster and drive on….

    I really should have my Commander tweaked a bit.

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