Strange Dreams

I was standing on the battlements at Ft. George, an ancient fortress in Scotland.  I was overlooking the waters where the River Ness spills out to the ocean.  I turned my head and I watched several large helicopters coming in for landings and one taking off.  The old cannons had been re-arsenaled, and were standing ready with gun crews who were standing at attention as I walked past.  Someone wearing medieval armor with an SA80 slung over her back came up to me with an iPad.  Reports and such.  I looked them over briefly and saw that the situation was better than I had hoped.  We had found more survivors. The only thing that bothered me where the crows flying around.  Thousands of them…
This dream was right from Uprising UK.  I could smell the salt air and jet engine exhaust.  Don’t know if other authors actually dream in there created universes, but it was pretty dang cool.
A lot of people are telling me that Uprising UK was more fun to read than USA…. They are digging it more.  I like it better.
I just hope Russia lives up to it!

7 thoughts on “Strange Dreams”

  1. I’m halfway through it and I like it a lot. USA was a great setup for the world that you’ve created, I’m hoping for an opportunity to get redshirted in the next one!

  2. My dreams tend to be future/post-apocalyptic as it is, so when I work on U:AZ they help inspire me. For me its the same, it feels like I’m really there. Helps me work out story lines, or my many rewrites that are bogging me down lol.

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