Passing on SpikeTV

SpikeTV called me last Thursday… Skype video interview… Followups…
They wanted me in a new TV show they are working up called “Americana”.  I don’t know what all the show would entail… But it sounds interesting.
It also sounded a bit too invasive.  I don’t want a TV Crew crawling around my home.  We are pretty private folks here and I’m not digging that. See, I’ve never posted pics of the front of my house, the names of all my kids, my street address… There is a reason for that. 
I’ve been followed, I’ve been threatened, I’ve faced some funky situations normal folks don’t deal with because I have a strange quasi minor celebrity thing going on… Then when I ran for office, I had more threats, tangible enough to warrant reporting.  Not against me… But my family.  Doing this show would not be in the best interests of my family.  It would have been great for me, for Crusader… But not my family.  So I’m going to pass.
Yes, I’m turning down another TV show.  Again.

8 thoughts on “Passing on SpikeTV”

  1. Its the responsible thing to do.
    You think in a way people seem to have forgotten about, family first.
    I have often said… I wouldnt mind more money… but there is no way I would seek to be a well known celebrity.


  2. Reality shows are everything but reality. I hate those stupid things, and I can proudly say I’ve never seen any of them. I’ve seen enough commercials for them and read enough “reviews” to know they’re a complete waste of time I will never have back to use more profitably.

    And, as you point out, they expose your family to unnecessary risks. I wouldn’t mind being rich, just not famous. There’s a lot to be said for living in obscurity.

  3. Smart move even if they leave your family alone.They are in control of the the Editing.Crusader and you could
    be painted as the biggest right-Wing nut jobs in the Country.If you decide to run for Office again their will be all that footage to use against you.

  4. IMO you made the right choice and knowing you the decision was made very quickly. A husband & father always puts their family ahead of them as their protector and first line of defense. 30 minutes-1 hour on the TV isn’t worth the months and months of worrying about your loved ones.

  5. You know another thing about spike is that if they had spun you as a bad guy you might not get the after event exposure that some folks get from some of the reality shows on other networks (survivor cast members voted off usually get a media day with multiple appearances to speak their piece and show them as human) get for their cast members….overall, by taking the kids and family into the equation I think you made the right move…

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