Brutal Test for Slipstream

Ready from some unabashed Slipstream Pimping?  Joe, aka “GunDoc” got this in the email today…  From one of Crusader’s Dealers, Tannerman’s Trading Company.

I had to send you this testimony ASAP.  A customer came in just browsing the shop and noticed we carried Slipstream. He promptly wanted the grease/lube combo, but not for what you would think.

The customer works at Pocasangre Abbott Labs and works with centrifuges all day. He stated he was using the manufacturer-recommended grease for his centrifuges, but it was breaking down after just a few days of usage. He then proceeded to tell me that he tried Slipstream grease and after three weeks of continuous use, it still hadn’t broken down! The only reason he didn’t test it for a fourth week, he said, was because he was going on vacation and didn’t want to take the chance that something would happen. He was very happy with the performance Slipstream was providing him with his machinery and happily told me it was fine for me to relay his experience back to you.

So there you go, another non-weapon use for Slipstream.

Gun Shop Manager
Tannerman’s Trading Company

This is a pretty brutal test for any lubricant, and from what I gather, the other Lubricants have completely failed.   Slipstream has passed the test with flying colors.
For those that don’t know, a Centrifuge… well… Read the Wiki if you don’t know what one is.  These suckers spin at some shockingly high RPM’s.


Federal, the makers of some of my favorite ammunition, is expanding their Fusion line.  In the new 2012 Catalog they are showing Fusion shotgun and handgun ammo, as well as new calibers and even a Reduced Recoil option coming out.

But one item I really like, that kinda snuck up on me… 7.62x39mm.  Oh man… Break out that CZ 527 or Savage Scout and take it hunting!  This is an excellent offering that you will probably have to special order from your Local Gun Dealer, and you might have to have some patience for it… but it should be very much worth it.

I think this is an excellent move on Federal’s part because the Fusion line is very good stuff.  What it is, is simply a premium quality loading using a less expensive, but very consistent bonded core projectile.  Think Speer Gold Dot here.  This is where the line gets its name… the bullet Core and Jacket are fused together.  The results are very satisfying on big game and the same results should translate into other applications, such as defense and handgun hunting.  Hunting Guides have reported great success in the field with Hunters who have used the Fusion ammunition.    I am looking forward to trying some of the handgun stuff out in the future.

Pimping Crusader.

Some jackass tried to post “Why don’t you stop pimping Slipstream and Crusader?”

Really?  I’m part owner of Crusader.  I have a vested interest in Crusader… and Slipstream.  The reason I am involved is because I really believe in what we are doing and what we are making.  Crusader puts out staggeringly good weapons that outperform rifles costing twice as much (or more) and our lubrication product “Slipstream” is so good in automatic weapons that active members of the military have described it as a “Force Multiplier”.

When Crusader stops putting out the very best we can… then I’ll stop pimping Crusader and Slipstream.

How about this… Instead of being a dickhead – why don’t you try it? I double dog dare you.  You might find that I’m actually right.  If you come to one of my training courses – Defensive Pistol coming up May 26th – you will need it!

Bi-polar guns

Guys, don’t let your guns get bi-polar… Your AR doesn’t need everything out of the MAKO and Blackhawk catalogues to be cool or effective.
Here is a rule of thumb for you.  If you have a VFG or an AFG on your rifle, you don’t need a bi-pod.  The reverse is also true.  If you put a 4-16 Nikon Monarch on your gun, you don’t need to try to put flip up iron sights on it. 
AR builds tend to fall into three classes.  Short, Intermediate, and Long Range/Precision.
I’ll post more about these three build types tonight or tomorrow…


I’ve not posted about the Trayvon Zimmerman shooting, because I don’t have the details.
I still don’t.  But enough people gave asked, so I will give you my two cents.
Zimmerman, no matter what he did wrong in following after the police dispatcher told him not to, was violently physically attacked.  Police on the scene evidently thought it was a good defense shooting, because the man was not arrested. 
Trayvon however wins this, because Zimmerman gave him something few thugs ever get… Remembered. He will probably be remembered for a good ten to fifteen years.  Most thugs are forgotten in a matter of weeks.

Kimber Sucks

I’m going to throw down some hate on a gun company favored by many.  Kimber.  They freaking suck.  Kimber is backlogged so deep, ordering anything from them is freaking useless.  The little Solo pistol they put out is virtually vaporware as we’ve had some on order since last summer and still haven’t seen any.  We could have sold a hundred of them if we had them.  The institutionalized corporate arrogance is astonishing.  Last year we ordered a simple 9mm 1911 at the beginning of the year.  It was a Christmas Present from a mother to her son and she knew Kimber was slow.  We had estimated dates from Kimber and it looked to be fine.  He didn’t get the gun till late January.

Kimber’s attitude is worse than their guns.
1400 dollar pistol and they put in plastic mainspring housings?  Really?  Come on.
We had some pistols that had waves inside the barrels.  Kimber’s response was flippant.  “Oh, that wont effect accuracy.”  The hell it doesn’t.
Brand new Tac Custom II’s… With Slide Release and Safety Levers that look like they went through a Rock Chipper.  They didn’t want to send us new parts so we just sent the guns back to them and we had to pay for the shipping.  Nice.  And to top it all off – they only include 1 magazine.  WTF?  How useless can these people be?  Come on.  But people put up with all that BS because Kimbers have one thing going for them… They are Pretty.  People will happily pay for arrogant, tacky, high maintenance shit if they are pretty.

Yes, I just compared Kimber to Paris Hilton. My apologies to Paris Hilton Fans.

What people are going for when they ask to look at a Kimber is a good quality 1911… If that is what you want – Get a SIG 1911.  Seriously.  In many cases, you will even pay less money for the SIG which is a much better built gun. Feature for feature you are about 200 bucks less for a better made SIG than for the similar gun made by Kimber.  And you are going to get a more accurate gun as well.  My SIG C3 spanked the hell out of my Kimber Tac Custom II and Custom II, and Warrior, and Raptor, and CDP Pro II.  Look, if you have a Kimber that you like, that’s fine.  Enjoy it and be happy.  If you are looking to buy a Kimber… Buy a SIG.  You will get a much better gun and it even comes with a spare magazine. How novel is that?