Brutal Test for Slipstream

Ready from some unabashed Slipstream Pimping?  Joe, aka “GunDoc” got this in the email today…  From one of Crusader’s Dealers, Tannerman’s Trading Company.

I had to send you this testimony ASAP.  A customer came in just browsing the shop and noticed we carried Slipstream. He promptly wanted the grease/lube combo, but not for what you would think.

The customer works at Pocasangre Abbott Labs and works with centrifuges all day. He stated he was using the manufacturer-recommended grease for his centrifuges, but it was breaking down after just a few days of usage. He then proceeded to tell me that he tried Slipstream grease and after three weeks of continuous use, it still hadn’t broken down! The only reason he didn’t test it for a fourth week, he said, was because he was going on vacation and didn’t want to take the chance that something would happen. He was very happy with the performance Slipstream was providing him with his machinery and happily told me it was fine for me to relay his experience back to you.

So there you go, another non-weapon use for Slipstream.

Gun Shop Manager
Tannerman’s Trading Company

This is a pretty brutal test for any lubricant, and from what I gather, the other Lubricants have completely failed.   Slipstream has passed the test with flying colors.
For those that don’t know, a Centrifuge… well… Read the Wiki if you don’t know what one is.  These suckers spin at some shockingly high RPM’s.

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  1. Yeah, there’s a biodiesel plant here in town, and I built their heating system. They’re a small-scale (500-gallons-per-week) operation, and the baby centrifuge they have for filtering the incoming waste vegetable oil “only” produces 2000 gravities. The big boys often produce twice that.

    It solves the grease issue by using the oil as the lubricant, so they’re constantly renewing the lubrication, before it has time to break down. Even so, they have to clean it once per hour (or more, if they are filtering some particularly-nasty oil), as the vibrations of even a small imbalance due to sediment collecting unevenly can get dangerous, fast. Towards the end of that hour, you can’t hear the shop air compressor come on, over the noise of the vibrating centrifuge.

    Hey, thinking of industrial uses, how’s the heat stability? I presume the nano-lubricant is pretty much stable at most temperatures (although I could be wrong), but the carrier oil might break down.

      1. Are we talking 500F, 1000F, 2000F, 3000F? Okay, probably not 3000F, and I don’t have anything I need to grease that’s quite that hot, but I do have things like flue gas fans where there’s a fan directly in the flue gas of a boiler in order to suck out the gasses (as opposed to using a chimney to create draft), so the bearings can be exposed to very high temperatures.

        1. The Nano Particles wont break down till over 3000. No, I’m not kidding. The carrier grease compound isn’t that high, of course. This isn’t a problem, because your Flue will melt at around 1500. Celsius, I’m talking about here.

          1. Yeah, that sounds pretty much right for most nano-lubricants. It’s the carrier that’s more of a concern. I do have some equipment that glows in use (by design), but most things where there are bearings are going to be in the hundreds of degrees, not thousands.

  2. Quit Pimping it!!! Especially when I can’t find it locally!! 😉 I was thinking about trying it on my moto chain. Just keep it off the rear tire!

    1. Just thinking about the Chain Lube I had oversprayed on my tire cost me about 10MPH and a lot of lean angle going through the twists… all I could think about was an oily rear tire and the last time a bike came out from under me in a low-side slide.

      Slipstream is good stuff, but I don’t think it would do well as a chain lube do to the centrifugal forces that would just fling the particles off the chain.
      What might work well though… a permanent treatment to the Sprockets. Now THAT might be something!

      1. Perm treatment on the sprockets may reduce wear. Nano particles in a wax like (dupont teflon lube) carrier wouldn’t fling. Apply after a ride, let dry.

  3. I pimp it as much as I can around the Piedmont region of NC. I’ve got 9 or 10 folks addicted to it. I’ve used it to completely solve the problems of a few Walther P22’s and a SIG P220, all of which kept failing to go into battery. I seriously can’t imagine going back to anything else. Ogre, any chance you fellas could permanently treat a knife blade in Slipstream Styx?

    1. The Whole blade or just the Pivot area? Either way, Yes. But the whole blade treatment would not look so cool after some hard use. It’s not a “Finish”. But what we could do – and would look awesome. ST-1 Treat the Pivot area and then Cerakote the blade.

      1. Maybe the pivot and the locking mechanism? Though that might actually make closing the knife a little dangerous..

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