11 thoughts on “In the future, there will be Glocks”

  1. Well, the 1911 has been around for 100 years, who’s to say the Glock won’t last longer than that? You never know.

  2. In Jerry Ahern’s Survivalist series, John Rourke fought Chinese barbarians who had 500-year old Glocks in their arsenals. That is some real Future Glock action right there.

    1. I didn’t read those books, though I’ve other books by Ahern. Where did the Chinese barbarians get their ammo?

      1. Scavenging it from dead enemies, IIRC. In the series, there were pre-Cataclysm arsenals that had been raided in the past, as well as several Chinese, Russian, and American underground cities and facilities that had ancient stores of guns and ammo on hand, so 9mm ammo was fairly easy to find.

  3. In Time was entertaining…I used to kind of dislike Justin but after watching him on SNL and some other shows I now enjoy his acting…

    The thing I didn’t like about the movie was the underlying tone of wealth distribution within the scope of class warfare…something seems all to familiar with that these days….

  4. I recently watched ‘In Time’ via Netflix and thought it was alright. It had some holes in it as a Science Fiction movie, but I can be picky. There IS a 1911 in the movie. There is a scene where Timberlake’s character is ‘teaching’ the girl to shoot and she’s shooting a 1911.

    Class warfare is always with us in one form or another, it’s when it’s seen as a closed system, like in this movie, that it becomes toxic. Starting to feel that way these days for a lot of people.

  5. “In Time” was far too socialist for my taste. “Is it stealing if it was already stolen?” Yes, criminals…it is. Although, I thought the time = currency was a really interesting idea.

  6. “In Time” was quite good. Same director as “Gattica,” another fantastic sci-fi film.

    Also, there’s nothing wrong with class warfare when the system that separates the classes is rigged, like it the system portrayed in the movie….

    I love how terrified we Americans are of discussing class issues. Talk about it now, rectify any unfair kinks in the system now, and you can avoid bloody revolution later. But no, we sweep it under the rug. If we ignore it, maybe it will go away! Lulz.

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