Federal, the makers of some of my favorite ammunition, is expanding their Fusion line.  In the new 2012 Catalog they are showing Fusion shotgun and handgun ammo, as well as new calibers and even a Reduced Recoil option coming out.

But one item I really like, that kinda snuck up on me… 7.62x39mm.  Oh man… Break out that CZ 527 or Savage Scout and take it hunting!  This is an excellent offering that you will probably have to special order from your Local Gun Dealer, and you might have to have some patience for it… but it should be very much worth it.

I think this is an excellent move on Federal’s part because the Fusion line is very good stuff.  What it is, is simply a premium quality loading using a less expensive, but very consistent bonded core projectile.  Think Speer Gold Dot here.  This is where the line gets its name… the bullet Core and Jacket are fused together.  The results are very satisfying on big game and the same results should translate into other applications, such as defense and handgun hunting.  Hunting Guides have reported great success in the field with Hunters who have used the Fusion ammunition.    I am looking forward to trying some of the handgun stuff out in the future.

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  1. This is great news, my SKS has been my favorite brush gun for a looong time. It’s about time I had something good to feed it.

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