ID Issues Resolved

Wife went back.  Simply talked to a different person than she did last time.  This person was most helpful and my Beloved Bride had no problem getting what she needed done and having the card corrected and issued.

Evidently it is well known that the other “Lady” at the other window is a colossal asshole.

Update:  She is now officially a resident of North Carolina.  Legal to drive again… Also at the same time, my Twins are now have their Learner’s Permits.   This explains why all three are suspiciously absent and are not answering calls.  Fly, my free birds, fly!



Travis Haley posted this story and said this: “You can be smart, fast, a physical specimen,… you can be agile, tactical, technical and proficient, but if you lack compassion then you are nothing more than a Hyena…”

He has a very good point. But let me take this a step further. Compassion and Mercy are or should be critical traits in our armed public servants. In the USA we’ve seen some national news stories that show perhaps that the decision to go to guns was maybe a bit too hasty. We’ve seen in LA during the Christopher Dorner incident the two ladies in the pickup truck that got lit up. We’ve seen a kid with a replica AK get taken down. And in New Mexico, a mother with a van full of kids get fired on. Take a look at Iceland right now, the whole nation is morning because for the first time a police officer shot and killed someone. The decision to go to guns weighs heavily on everyone… not just the Suspect thats fired upon, but also upon the community and the person who had to pull the trigger.

This sort of decision making has to happen instantly, and it relies heavily on the Mind Set before the incident even starts. It’s about that Warrior Mindset you need to do the job… I know a lot of guys that believe in the Bushido way and that they as Officers of the Law they are modern Samurai. They believe in Protecting and Serving as the old Law Enforcement motto goes, and that the word Samurai means “To Serve”. And as a result they continually train themselves in their martial arts… with their Rifles and their Handguns and the tactics to employ them. And that’s good.

However, the Samurai also knew that they needed balance. The Samurai were also known to practice other arts… Painting, Poetry, Theater. Many wrote books, others studied the Literature of their time. Some fished. In the movie The Last Samurai, the lead Samurai character spent his times searching “For the Perfect Blossom” and said that if one pursued that as his life’s purpose it would not be a life wasted. The Samurai appreciated and sought after the beauty in the world around them. This balanced them. Centered them.

A lot of our warriors deal with PTSD, probably because they are out of balance in this way. But that’s another discussion for another time. (I had written a thesis on this it earned me a lucrative job offer at a treatment center because they thought I was a doctor in psychology. I of course turned them down)

I think when a person has a good balance inside them… Balancing the Yin and Yang of Light and Darkness in their warrior spirit… it makes them better at what they do. It makes them better warriors. And it also help them recognize the bigger picture of things when they have a threat situation and the gun is coming up to the shoulder or out of the holster… That blink of insight. That neural firing of the part of the brain that has compassion… Because just maybe… That trigger doesn’t have to be pulled. Maybe there is another way to resolve that situation. Not every Nail must be hammered. And you can have this compassion, this mercy, inside you, and you can make that judgement call without effecting your speed to target if you do have to pull that trigger and take that life to save another. Or maybe that compassion will help you be faster onto target, and more accurate. Make you train harder. Make you faster up that flight of steps to get to that firing position… Help you will yourself to lower your heart rate to stabilize that crosshair. Because you appreciate the Life that you are about to save.

JRR Tolkien said it best:

War must be, while we defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all; but I do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.

The Government Bureaucracy In Action

My wife’s Driver’s License expired.  So she goes to the DMV to get a new NC card.

But she can’t.  Because she needs a Marriage Certificate to show she’s married to me… from 21 years ago never before required.  Fine.  We contact the state of Utah and get it.

She goes in again.   No, she still can’t.  Now she has to have a social security card with the name changed on it… again, never required before in 21 years of marriage.  With moving to Idaho and Virginia and back to Utah… Required now.

So we go to the social security office in New Bern.  They shut the door on us… office closed.

So she goes back again to change her name.   But she can’t.   Because her Utah license is expired.  Birth Certificates and Marriage Licenses and all that doesn’t matter.   “If you contact the hospital and have the lady at the counter sign it in ink and then…”  How is that a more valid form of ID than a Utah Drivers License that went past an arbitrary date?  She is no longer the same person she was a month before?  What the hell, People?

She’s in a NO WIN situation because of the goddamn government.    She is now expected to fly all the way back out to Utah, renew her Driver’s License there, so she can fly back here, just so she can get a North Carolina license.   She called me from the social security office in tears from the frustration.  I’m so angry I could chew nails and spit tacks.   This is ridiculous.  Even more so because an illegal immigrant gets treated better… pisses me slam off.


UPDATE:   Oh get this… Now we’ve been told that she can get a Doctor’s form… with DOB on it, signed in ink… Which is laughable because you don’t need an ID to see a Doctor.  OR you can have your church print out something that has your name and DOB on it, and a Church Official signs it. In ink of course, and that’s valid.   Again, laughable.  Because they don’t know who in the hell the Doctor is or the Church Official.   And you don’t need an ID to go to Church (yet) so how is that a valid anything?   Yet that is more valid than a DL, which required everything in the first place that had only just recently expired.

Even more laughable… All of these other documents can be created at home with a computer and some photoshop.   It worked for Obama!  But what you couldn’t just recreate though is a Utah Driver’s License.   I could in fact, legally, start my own “Church” and then generate this document and sign it and stamp it and it would be LEGAL.

All this to get a Social Security Card to be used as ID… When it freaking says on the card “NOT FOR USE AS ID“.

WTF is WRONG with this picture?   EVERYTHING.  This is all such utter bullshit.  So instead of helping the person trying to comply with the law… the system is forcing people to find the loopholes to get around the law.   This is insanity.


Sloppy Joe’s Suck

I freaking hate “Sloppy Joes”.  Sloppy Joes… Meat’s Epic Failure.

Look, you have a pound of ground meat… and you just ruined it.  You could have had Tacos.  You could have made it into a couple good burger patties… But you didn’t.  You made Sloppy Joes.  Don’t give me that Manwhich bullarchy.  You ruined it.  Admit it.  It’s kinda like saying you are going to make an Omelet, and then cocked it up and made Scrambled Eggs instead, and then cleared your sinuses into them.   That’s what you did with the ground meat… same thing.


Toss some chili powder on them… some taco seasoning on the ground beef or whatever and make some Tacos.  Tacos are always win.   ALWAYS WIN.   Don’t have some tortillas, well, you are wrong and you are living in Kitchen Fail… but hey, you can always make a pot of chili out of it.  And that’s damn fine eating.

I mean, hell, if you have to make Spaghetti with it.  Boil some pasta, and poor that over the stuff over those noodles.  You’ll be fine.

But to mix a BBQ type sauce into the meat?  Oh hell no!  Look if you want BBQ flavor… make a burger and put the sauce on top of the burger.   That’s a good burger.  A BBQ Burger… We can all live with that.  And be happy.

But to make Sloppy Joes with that meat… Oh my hell… That’s giving up on life.

Don’t give me that “You’ve never had my… whoever the hell it is Sloppy Joes”.  No… I never have.  And no, I never will.  You will never get me to try it.   I will just look at you with disgust and disappointment and walk away… Probably to my car so I can go find a 5 Guys or a Cook Out or a Sonic… or some places that knows what the hell to do with a pound of ground beef that isn’t blowing excretion into it.   Sloppy Joes Suck.

Hunting Bears in New Bern, NC

Spend any time looking out the window as you drive through pretty much of any part of New Bern, NC, you’ll spot a bear.  I’ve taken it as a hobby to hunt all the bears I can any time I’m in New Bern.   I’ll pull over and stop if I see one, whatever it takes to get the shot.  They are all over.

7699_10201724571009434_988164760_n I caught that one in front of a Realty Office.

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Ford’s Aston

Now that the 2015 Ford Mustang is revealed,  we see that Ford really and truly had its way with Aston Martin.
It appears that Ford wasn’t a considerate lover… it made Aston bite the pillow.
And now we’ve got the result… The Mustang.  One version is going to be rolling on a V8 that grinds out 500 horses. That’s only 65 horses less than the Aston V-12 Vantage S, for a whopping $100,000 less.  And most guys will never be able to tell the difference.   Not between the way it drives, or looks.  And since the new Stang is standing on independent rear suspension… finally… it’s going to handle like kid’s Hot Wheels.
I can honestly say that I’ve never really wanted a Mustang before.  But I want this.  Ooohh man!  It looks awesome,  and with 500 horses at the Independent Rear… it should prove to be the best Mustang ever built.
Unless Ford finds a way to ruin it.