Ford’s Aston

Now that the 2015 Ford Mustang is revealed,  we see that Ford really and truly had its way with Aston Martin.
It appears that Ford wasn’t a considerate lover… it made Aston bite the pillow.
And now we’ve got the result… The Mustang.  One version is going to be rolling on a V8 that grinds out 500 horses. That’s only 65 horses less than the Aston V-12 Vantage S, for a whopping $100,000 less.  And most guys will never be able to tell the difference.   Not between the way it drives, or looks.  And since the new Stang is standing on independent rear suspension… finally… it’s going to handle like kid’s Hot Wheels.
I can honestly say that I’ve never really wanted a Mustang before.  But I want this.  Ooohh man!  It looks awesome,  and with 500 horses at the Independent Rear… it should prove to be the best Mustang ever built.
Unless Ford finds a way to ruin it.

4 thoughts on “Ford’s Aston”

  1. Man, just saw the leaked pics from Autoweek….looks like I’m gonna be contracting out here a bit longer so I can get one of those hotties!

  2. Totally agree. They knocked it out of the park with this one. Not too sure about the 4cyl EcoTech…but the base V6 with over 300 hp will put many “sports cars” to shame. I hope Ford doesn’t cheap out the interior too much…the last was way too plasticy (is that a word?). I also hope they don’t rental spec too many. I hate the small wheels/cheesy stripes versions.

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