Hunting Bears in New Bern, NC

Spend any time looking out the window as you drive through pretty much of any part of New Bern, NC, you’ll spot a bear.  I’ve taken it as a hobby to hunt all the bears I can any time I’m in New Bern.   I’ll pull over and stop if I see one, whatever it takes to get the shot.  They are all over.

7699_10201724571009434_988164760_n I caught that one in front of a Realty Office.

522023_10201724570609424_1193221839_n  This one I caught by a Chicken joint.

993748_10201724574569523_1582736455_n  I believe this one was the bear in front of the old courthouse.

995218_10201724576089561_494662596_n  Law Office.

996048_10201724833696001_2099854436_n  Forestry office.

1379467_10201724572729477_2088142827_n  This unfortunate bear was in front of the Bosche offices.

1391926_10201724573569498_1005791622_n  Another Lawyer Bear.

1392078_10201724572049460_1581809098_n  I think this was another Legal Eagle Bear… or a Salesman of some sort.

1425555_10201724573769503_1480048578_n  A little more rustic styled bear in front of the gift shop down town.

1452590_10201910298332501_1494017406_n  Fisherman Bear.

1459061_10201724575489546_182305448_n  Utility Company’s Bear.

1465320_10201724574929532_1584295813_n  Pirate Bear… This guy was by the park near the draw bridge.

1461401_10201724573089486_1134451503_n  Probably the most unfortunate bear of them all… he’s by a school.  Poor bear…

I’ll post more here as I find them.  It’s fun hunting them…


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  1. Nice. Here in WI they do the same with cows, and when I was in Boston this summer, I found they did a similar thing with earth globes.

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