Commander, Sterling, and a P-11.

I don’t have much gasoline in the truck, and I’m so broke I can’t afford to pay attention. But I have ammo and Ballistic Testing Zone One is practically out the back door of Ogre Ranch. So we did a little bit of shooting while the kids were doing school work.

Group is good for 50 yards iron sighted, standing. I'll take that.

The Sterling was once again… impressive. The gun was flawless, but one of the magazines was under-sprung and caused two malfunctions when loaded to capacity.

It shot great when only loaded to 20-25 or so. The gun is flawless with my other mags. Accuracy was good as far as grouping… but the front sight needs to be drifted slightly in the dovetail to get me point of aim/point of impact. This isn’t a problem.  In that photo above, you’ll notice essentially two different groups.  The lower group is the 100 Meter Aperture, and the higher one is 200 Meters… I’ll keep the gun on the 200 meter setting and just leave it there.

Recoil is crazy light. This gun is FUN to shoot.

The black finish is annoying me, so I’m going to remove it. Shooting it is wicked fun. It’s a good thing that the magazines are 34 rounds each, because they run out way too fast as it is. Pulling the trigger is addicting.
The stock is a bit too short unless you tuck into it tight like your Chris Costa, or your wearing body armor.
The ATI Commander was absolutely rock solid reliable. Accuracy was outstanding.

My point of aim was the hand. All hits. Hoo-Aah!

The trigger is deceptively light and crisp… better than my 1911’s that cost 2 and 3 times as much.

Another Sterling photo... because it's badass.

No, really… this gun SHOOTS. If you want a range gun, plinker, trail gun, or any actual working gun that’s a .45 caliber 1911 – ATI is the gun.

Obligitory brass in the air shot.

It’s devoured everything I’ve fed it, and asked for more. The gun was great before, but gets better every time I shoot it.
The Kel-Tec has gain my trust and confidence. It has proven to be completely reliable and trustworthy.
And accurate enough for CCW use. However the gun is just not a pleasure to shoot compared to other 9mm’s. It’s trigger, while smooth, is long and heavy… and since this is a DAO, there is no SA mode that is better.

I like the P-11. Great carry gun.

Luckily in spite of the trigger’s length and weight, you can still shoot accurately with it if you grit your teeth and concentrate. Your basic fundamentals will allow a shooter to work this gun just fine.

It's not a photogenic gun, but it's a working gun

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