The Democrat’s Future for America

Detroit has long been the Model of Democrat Principles. It has to be, because the Democrats have had Free Reign there for decades. Democrats and Unions have made Detroit what it is today.

Now don’t think this is just Steven Crowder doing a hit piece on the city…  There is a lot more to see in Detroit.

And here’s their new plan to bring money back to Detroit.  That’s just awesome.  Way to go guys.  Just give in to the filth and deviancy.  Fantastic.  I’m remembering the SNL skit where they talked about the Worst Job in the world… “Last year’s worst job was Crack Whore!… This year’s worst job… Assistant Crack Whore!”   Kinda made you think where one would go to file that application.   Evidently it’s Detroit… at an ACORN office.

4 thoughts on “The Democrat’s Future for America”

  1. Between my office and the Lansing corp limit (traveling along a single road) there are no less than 9 state sanctioned weed shops.

    Here’s a quick snapshot of the capital area-

    This place is dying and places like Flint and Detroit and Saginaw are nothing more than cancers spreading to outer areas. The liberals here are so convinced of their superiority its sickening. Do not question their patriotism and love of America or compare Detroit to Hiroshima. Facts just make them confused and angry.

    1. So legalizing rope doesn’t help the economy then?

      Hmmm…I guess this proves in a liberal utopia the money saved fighting the war on drugs is easily speant on some other government give away.

      I didn’t play the video, saw the Polar Bear and relized that I’ve seen this documentary over a year ago. Spot on accurate and sad. This will be everywhere soon enough.

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