Four of my Favorite Folding Blades +1

To me, my Carry Knife is just as important, if not more so, than my Carry Gun.  Because I USE my carry knife for all kinds of things… even things in a manner not recommended by the manufacturer.

Here’s four of my favorites.  More importantly, these knives are the ones that are most special to me.


Top to Bottom:
Kershaw Knockout.   I just gave it to one of my sons the other day… A good lad that appreciates a good knife.  He’s been wearing it constantly ever since.  He’s 19 and will soon be going off on his own adventuring… so I thought it fitting.   The Knockout is in my opinion, the best EDC Folder that Kershaw makes.   It’s very flat and rides deep in the pocket.    This makes it great for EDC use as it is as unobtrusive as a pocketknife can get.  It carries like a much smaller knife, yet has a good sized blade with a very usable blade shape.  The blade steel is Sandvik 14C28N, which is one of the very best ever and usually only found in custom knife blades.   It features thumb studs or a flipper to open.  I think I mostly ever used the flipper on that knife. It’s also an Assisted Opener, which I really do like.   Great EDC knife for Urban/Suburban areas.

The next one down is the Benchmade Mini-Onslaught.   I got this one from a good friend as part of a trade deal.  It’s been my EDC almost every day since the day I got it.  Wickedly sharp. Scary sharp.  Like, legendary magic sword kinda sharp.  Like, this knife is so sharp that the bearer is The One and is destined to deal with all manner of terrible things and will end up with the world’s hottest redhead.   That’s how sharp this knife is.   It’s also ridiculously smooth.  I truly dig the Spyderco Hole as I have been a fan of Spyderco forever.  This knife, as sharp as it is, and as smooth as it is, feels more like a Gentleman’s Knife that a hard use blade of a warrior poet.  The blade is very thin and comes to a very fine point… so I never really abused it as much as I usually would.  But I did put it to a lot of use.   It’s scored the fatcaps on countless Boston Butts.  And it sliced that pork hide and fat so shockingly easy that it was scary.  Sharpening?  It’s 154CM blade steel… so it holds an edge.  I’ve touched it up on the bottom of a fine ceramic mug once.  That’s all it needed.  After lots and lots of meat slicing, it’s still razor sharp.

The next one down is a modified Spyderco Manix 2, that I got from a friend, who got it from a friend.   That makes it very interesting to me… and blades I get from friends are blades I will always keep.  The modification comes in the form of an Emerson Wave type of cut into the blade.   And it’s sporting a bit of a 550 cord tail… but it’s that Wave feature that I really like.  I got used to the Wave on my Cold Steel AK-47 knife… though that’s not really a wave, more like a handy edge that shreds pockets.   It really allows for fast deployment of the knife… Snaps it open on the draw so it’s really just as “fast” as pulling a fixed blade.   But it destroyed more than one pair of jeans before I retired the AK knife to Range Box used and later to Car Console Duty, where it still serves to this day.  This modified wave on the Manix 2 is much less angry at my denim.  Which I like.  A lot.  The blade shape doesn’t sport that deeper “belly” that you see on the other two knives above it, or on the mentioned AK-47 Knife.  But it does have enough to be very usable for every day situations.   Spyderco’s Ball Bearing Lock mechanism is similar in use to the Benchmade Axis Lock, but there are mechanical differences inside.  Both locks are strong.  And more importantly, both locks are very smooth to use.   The blade steel is, I believe, S30V, which is one of the best blade steels you can get.  Holds an edge exceptionally well.  It was sharp when I got it, and it’s still sharp.  And yes, I’ve used it a lot.  See… all my EDC knives will pull KP Duty.  Lots of cutting of various foods, as well as opening all manner of packaging, and wood whittling.   The Manix 2 feels like a stronger, harder use knife than the Mini-Onslaught.  Because it is.  Thicker blade.  More pronounced texture on the G-10 scales.   This is a knife that’s meant to go There and Back Again.   You could hunt Orc with this knife.  And it will do it with smoothness and style.   This is a great knife.  One of Spyderco’s more under-rated knife because it’s not named Military or Police or Throat Ripper Outter… But it’s one of Spyderco’s very best for EDC use by any Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Cop, First Responder, Sheepdog, Manly Man… anyone wanting a tough hard working knife that has the smooth refinements that a gentleman would appreciate.   I love it.

Okay, know the one on the bottom… One of these things is not like the others.  One of these things is doing it’s own thing.   This knife was gift from some friends from Arizona that came to do some training with me.   It’s a ZT 400.  ZT, or Zero Tolerance, is the Tactical Division of Kershaw.  They are the serious use knives from that factory.  Like Acura is to Honda, a more upscale, more expensive brand.   Unlike my other favorite knives, this one had a more exaggerated tanto style blade.  After years of hard labor and many resharpenings…   the tanto kinda got a curve to it now.   Now, don’t think it’s blade steel is second rate because of the many sharpenings… no… it’s S30V steel.  This knife has STORIES.  Dark stories that should never be told.   It’s cut the ears of many of my enemy – the Coyotes.  In fact, it’s like +5 vs Coyotes.   And… other… things…   *shudder*  I’ve beat the hell out of this knife and it’s NEVER failed me.   It goes into my carry rotation ever once in awhile now, but it has a place of honor at my right hand on my desk.  It’s here with me now.  And it always will be.

One knife that is not shown:  my Buck 110 Paperstone.   Like the one in the link, mine’s green.  It’s old school, and sharp as hell.  Tough as nails.  It’s the Folding Knife that all other folding knives are judged by.  It’s an old design.  The Buck 110 Folding Hunter has been around – forever.  I think the first knife ever made that wasn’t chipped obsidian, was the Buck 110 Folding Hunter.  Seriously, it was first made way back in 1963, which means it was before the Internet… so like… George Washington had one.  It should be on money.   The 420HC steel is a high carbon steel that Buck then gave the BOS treatment.  Which means it’s always out of Bubble Gum.   They call it the Folding Hunter because – it’s probably gutted every damn animal on North America and possibly most other Americas too.   The Paperstone version forgoes the wood scales and brass bolsters of the classic design… in favor of what they call “Paperstone” scales.  Which is very strong, and light weight… It’s made from a mix of recycled paper and a thirst for blood.  And it takes a ton of weight out of the knife, making it even more ideal for every day use.  Save for one thing… one small detail… It doesn’t have a pocket clip.  Which is a shame.  It needs a pocket clip.  Because if it had one, and a one hand opener – I’d carry this knife everywhere.    I love the blade shape.  The Clip Point blade is really like a Mini-Bowie knife and I DIG bowie knives like crazy.  The blade design is pure fucking American and not trying to play off mythical legends from other lost nations… It’s Red White and Blue to the core, and it’s ready to kill everything in its way.  It is awesome in every day type kitchen use too… which is important.  Mans gotta eat.

Coming soon:  Fixed Blades!

9 thoughts on “Four of my Favorite Folding Blades +1”

  1. Spyderco police in SS or plastic is still the cats meow for clip on pocket knives…assuming you can carry any of these legally. NOT in Seattle.

  2. I used to carry a Buck 110 and open it one handed. It’s a pinch and push technique that I wouldn’t try in wet or cold conditions, but it can be done.

  3. Buck 110? Matt Helm carried one, he could open it one handed, after working with it awhile. Of course he had Don Hamilton on his side and Hamilton alledgedly met Bill Jordan just before he wrote “Death of a Citizen.”
    Who has a couple of Bucks, but is leery of the “flicket” because of local regulations.

  4. Was the flicket the add on to the blade of a 110 that gave your thumb a purchase on it to open? I remember those being advertised.

    1. Affirmative, it wasn’t bolt on. It is a spring steel clip which is driven onto the blade from the front (VERY carefully in a vise.) It often scratches the blade. I put a couple on Buck Escorts for women of my acquaintance. Then some politicians and cops heard about them and had them locally banned. It was too easy for a person to open a knife! It mad every knife into a dreaded switchblade!
      Who notes there cannot be ANY juvenile crime, since most states and localities banned the evil “switch blade knife” back in the 1950s…

  5. I just started carrying a spyderco endura 4/Emerson right before Christmas. It’s a great little blade that is probably a little to sharp for my own good, but is great for edc. The fact that I got it from Amazon for about 63 just makes it all the better

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