I used to hear about Progressive Rifling in old guns from years gone by.  I don’t hear about them anymore…  Which to me seems odd. With modern precision machining, it should be much easier to produce a good Progressive Rifled barrel.

The advantage of this would be much like a Back Bored barred in a shotgun… Less felt recoil and a higher shot velocity.  Who wouldn’t want this in a rifle?  I guess the modern Polygonal Rifling pretty much does the same thing, and it’s easier to achieve, but not everyone likes the stuff.  I know several guys that have a healthy distrust of any barrel that doesn’t have traditional lands and grooves.

I could especially see an advantage in a progressive barrel in calibers that prefer a long free bore… such as most of the Weatherby calibers.  In a traditional rifled barrel, the bullet is slammed into the rifling a torqued around rather suddenly into the twisted rifling.  This problem increased as the freebore is increased.  This slamming can cause deformity in bullets and inconsistent pressures if the bullet is seated at eve slightly different depths.  Progressive Rifling would slowly turn the bullet into an increasingly accelerating twist until the bullet leaves the barrel at the desired twist rate… and balance the pressure curves, thereby helping to increase accuracy.    With increased velocity and accuracy… that would allow the full potential of any cartridge fired from it.

Lesson Learned…

The Barrett M82A1’s rail has a built in 20MOA can’t built in.   This was known.

The Nikon M223 Mount has a 20MOA cant built in.  This was NOT known.  (It’s not on the packaging anywhere, but it is on the website)

As it turns out, 40MOA of incline doesn’t work.  Unless you want to be 5 feet high at 500 yards with the scope adjusted to it’s full range of movement… yeah… that’s not good.

No, not selling the Magna

I’ve had messages from guys asking if I wanted to sell my Honda Magna.  The answer is a straight up no.  However if you offer me a trade… I’d trade it… for a Harley 1200 in awesome running condition and with new tires.  You have that, sure, I’ll trade you.  If not, no… I’m not selling it.  If I sell it, then my wife will take the money… if I trade, well… she doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle.   See what I mean?  So yeah, if you have the money to buy – go buy the Harley and then come see me.  I’ll even meet you have way, and we can swap titles and keys.