7 thoughts on “Two Words…”

  1. Haven’t we learned anything as a people? A flame thrower is not the answer. For a crowd that size you need at least an F16 loaded with napalm.

  2. Flachette rounds are close. F16’s and cluster bombs are too impersonal. That just doesn’t cover it. I’m thinking Shotgun flachette rounds. Yeah, that way you can spit in his eye, throw water balloons full of pig’s blood and then turn them to hamburger.

  3. Nah.. these chumps are used to being burned alive, shot up, all that med evil type..blah..blah blah. Shit. I say take a few dozen of the many bloated feral hog carcasses laying around southern Florida where I reside and running them through one of them BIG wood chippers pointed directly at them.mmmm. Good times. I volunteer to do the deed. I just need a chipper(including shipping) and a plane ticket. The photos would be priceless.

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