No, not selling the Magna

I’ve had messages from guys asking if I wanted to sell my Honda Magna.  The answer is a straight up no.  However if you offer me a trade… I’d trade it… for a Harley 1200 in awesome running condition and with new tires.  You have that, sure, I’ll trade you.  If not, no… I’m not selling it.  If I sell it, then my wife will take the money… if I trade, well… she doesn’t know how to ride a motorcycle.   See what I mean?  So yeah, if you have the money to buy – go buy the Harley and then come see me.  I’ll even meet you have way, and we can swap titles and keys.

6 thoughts on “No, not selling the Magna”

  1. Wait.. why would I take a trade? A fuel tank with double the capacity is a good reason.
    Emails coming in… Guys, I’m not emotionally attached to the Magna… Sure, I love it… But I want to be able to put down some distance. The Magna, for all it’s awesomeness… it’s not a distance bike. This is something I should have considered before.

  2. How far do you really want to ride without stopping? Filling up every 150 miles or so on a bike gives you a chance to stretch your legs, move around a bit, rehydrate, etc.

    1. 150 miles would be awesome. 104 miles is a PITA. I’d have to make two stops to reach SLC. I’d rather just make one. What’d I’d really like is for that one stop to be optional instead of mandatory.

      1. So you’re only getting about 30 MPG? That bike should do better than that – it ought to do about 45 MPG in highway cruising.

        1. When I got out the calculator it all worked out on average to be about 41MPG. Because when I top off, it’s about 2.5 Gallons. That’s not including the .8 Gallon reserve. So 2.5 into 104 is about 41 miles per… so it’s not bad. It’s not the MPG’s but the G’s.

  3. I feel ya George, my Vulcan 750 gets about 39-42 on average but I am filling up every other day. I would love to be able to get more gallons in my tank too. I have no idea what Kawasaki was thinking, Cruising rpm is 5300 rpm. Granted that’s about 75-80 MPH but I need to keep the speed up to not get ran over. By the way if you have a “cycle dismantler” around you they can run a cross check on other bikes to see what tanks would fit.

    I have heard of a Honda “Valkyrie” bike being modified to fit a magna. That would get you close to 6 gallons or more.

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