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Bin Laden is Dead!

Fox just reported Bin Laden has been killed.   WOOT!

Different news sources are putting out different stories about it… he was shot in the head, he was hit in an airstrike, he was killed in Afghanistan, he was killed in Pakistan, he was killed this afternoon, the was killed a week ago…  Yada yada yada…  Doesn’t matter.  The SOB is now DOA.  Retribution was delivered.  Justice has been served.

Some reactions is that now the terrorists will be all the more hostile.  Really?  Oh, they want to kill us even more deader than before?  Care a lot.  The message is that we will get you and we will never stop hunting you… because that is how you deal with terrorists – you kill them.  I say we feed his corpse to some hogs.  Done with it.    There is no making friends with the Terrorists.  There are no moderate terrorists to worry about being nice to.  We find them, and we kill them.  That’s why we sent the Military after them, not the FBI.