Llama’s cute little .22 Auto

We got here a Llama .22LR.  It’s very 1911’ish, small, and cute as hell.  The action feels well worn, and the finish is about 80%… but the gun still feels solid and it should shoot just fine.   We took it in for a hundred bucks… Marked it for 220 bucks.  It has the box, all that, and two spare magazines.  My question is should we mark it for more?   I mean, dang… this thing is adorable.

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S&W 745

This is an older Smith & Wesson auto.  I’m not sure of the value as the blue book on it only showed the 745 IPSC model, which looks just like this, but has a fixed rear sight.  It’s Single Action Only.  The safety lever is only a firing pin blocker, and does nothing to prevent the trigger from dropping the hammer.
The grip is slim, giving it a feel much like a SIG P220 with factory synthetic grips.  The checkering on the front strap is a little rough, but it’s factory checkering.  Over all, I like the gun.

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