S&W 745

This is an older Smith & Wesson auto.  I’m not sure of the value as the blue book on it only showed the 745 IPSC model, which looks just like this, but has a fixed rear sight.  It’s Single Action Only.  The safety lever is only a firing pin blocker, and does nothing to prevent the trigger from dropping the hammer.
The grip is slim, giving it a feel much like a SIG P220 with factory synthetic grips.  The checkering on the front strap is a little rough, but it’s factory checkering.  Over all, I like the gun.

The strange safety is oversized. I'd want to trim it down.

It points well and feels good in the hand.  Very SIG-Like, but without the SIG refinement, or safety.   I get the feeling that this was a more purpose built race-gun.

Handsome sidearm.

So tell me, Guys… How much would you offer for this gun.  You can see it’s in excellent condition.

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  1. ser number range DVC0001-DVC5000 1986-1990 produced.
    yours should be production code 103727 due to the variation of the sight
    VG con 450-500 but your mileage may vary

    1. That’s pretty much what I found, Tim. Thanks for the Second Opinion that validates my own. Those are the best kinds of S.O’s.

  2. I used to think the slide mounted safety on the 745 was a dealbreaker for me. Until I tried drawing my 3913 with the safety on. My thumb pushes it slightly and it snicks off the rest of the way. Almost like the blade on an assisted opening knife. I assume the safety on the 745 works the same way.

    It’s kinda moot seeing as how I’m broke but if I had cash I would pay $800 for it.

    But that’s me. I sometimes overpay for stuff that I want. And then lie about what I paid for it so I don’t look like a complete tool.

      1. It’s a little light for +P. Hit up Wolff Springs for a Plus Power spring. Call their customer service and talk to them about it to make sure you get the right one.

  3. A S&W 745 was my first handgun. I bought it used for $400, and sold it for about the same. I often wish I’d kept it, it was a great shooter and very accurate. Mine had the fixed sights, IIRC.

  4. had 3 of them. Traded the first one. Sold the second and the 3rd one is still NB. Used ones are going for about $500. New ones are hard to find

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