Llama’s cute little .22 Auto

We got here a Llama .22LR.  It’s very 1911’ish, small, and cute as hell.  The action feels well worn, and the finish is about 80%… but the gun still feels solid and it should shoot just fine.   We took it in for a hundred bucks… Marked it for 220 bucks.  It has the box, all that, and two spare magazines.  My question is should we mark it for more?   I mean, dang… this thing is adorable.

It has a GI style barrel bushing, grip safety… it’s very much a scaled down 1911.    This thing is just precious.  If I had the money, I’d just buy the thing myself.

Update: This post was from 2011 and the pistol was old as shit then… I’ve no fucking idea where you would get parts or magazines for these things anymore. Good Luck with finding anything for it.

18 thoughts on “Llama’s cute little .22 Auto”

  1. I am loving the Llama.
    I will be looking for a .22 with a 1911ish feel to it later on.
    If only I were closer… and hadnt blown most of the years gun money already 😀


  2. Handsome gun (just doesn’t quite fit my criteria for “cute”), but personally, I’d pass on that particular model. Nothing wrong with it at all, but not enough firepower for me. I’d take one of the models in .380 or even .32 over a .22 any day of the week.

  3. Howdy-
    Only downside I’d be concerned with is that it’s an orphan; replacement parts will be a problem.

  4. Ya not made anymore parts are in the wind. I would prefer the .380 version for carry anyway. The .22 might be fun though somewhat a big platform for that small a cartridge.

  5. Ehh, I don’t know if you could get any more than what you’re asking for it. Llama firearms don’t exactly have a sterling reputation.

    That being said I’m quite happy with my IX-D .45. If only I could find some factory high capacity magazines for it.

  6. Long on looks, short on performance, have you tried shooting it? Also rusts if you look at it crossways.

    In the immortal words of Pistolero Magazine back in the day, “Como se Llama? Si, el JUNKO.”

    Who notes a decent smith in Ohio picked one up and tried to get it to work consistently, never did.


  7. I just purchased one of these little guns but I need a magazine for it. Could you help me find one that not to expensive? Also would you know where I could find the Nomenclature for this little gun?

  8. I’ve just got one and it’s really fun to shoot. Is there anybody who can sell an extra magazine for this gun? Thanks

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