Time to buy Ammo

Earlier this year dang near everyone that makes ammunition had sent us unhappy letters. Basically the gist of them all is that ammunition across the board is going to be going up in price, on average about 15%.
The time to buy ammo is right now, before those price increases hit and that cost is reflected at retail. Oh, don’t be so smug, Reloaders… this effects all reloading components as well.
Why is it going up? Global demand on metals, the deflating value of the Dollar, and futures trading. But if you have to point fingers at anyone. Here you go. China. China is buying raw material like crazy.  That’s just a fact.  All these have an effect on what you are going to pay for a box of your favorite ammo.
Cheap ammo is now a thing of the past.

Because of this training classes this year will have lower round count requirements to help offset this cost.

ATI’s AK-47

I’ll update this post with a photo tomorrow. We got in a couple AK-47’s from ATI, the guys that have the really nice 1911’s. These AK’s are built on machined lowers, not stamped sheet metal. They are very solid and well made. The stocks look really good too. 549 for a milled AK, isn’t bad at all. If I had the money, I’d be all over these.

Facebook? Like Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio is closing in on 5,000 Likes.    Let’s push it across that line… tell your friends to LIKE Armed American Radio.

I’m not sure what a LIKE does, but it’s cool to have 5 thousand of them.  Isn’t it?  AAR is breaking records in the radio industry.  Talker Magazine has put out some stuff about it because the bullet like speed of the show’s growth has raised eyebrows across the country.  We’re adding new cities, new stations, new markets every week.   We’re picking up big sponsors, such as the NRA themselves.  So pull the Trigger on AAR – Tune in, Turn it up…  If you can’t get it on the radio in your area, you can stream it.  If you can’t catch us live, you can get it off iTunes or right off the AAR’s website.   Link is over there on the right side.