Facebook? Like Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio is closing in on 5,000 Likes.    Let’s push it across that line… tell your friends to LIKE Armed American Radio.

I’m not sure what a LIKE does, but it’s cool to have 5 thousand of them.  Isn’t it?  AAR is breaking records in the radio industry.  Talker Magazine has put out some stuff about it because the bullet like speed of the show’s growth has raised eyebrows across the country.  We’re adding new cities, new stations, new markets every week.   We’re picking up big sponsors, such as the NRA themselves.  So pull the Trigger on AAR – Tune in, Turn it up…  If you can’t get it on the radio in your area, you can stream it.  If you can’t catch us live, you can get it off iTunes or right off the AAR’s website.   Link is over there on the right side.

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