Time to buy Ammo

Earlier this year dang near everyone that makes ammunition had sent us unhappy letters. Basically the gist of them all is that ammunition across the board is going to be going up in price, on average about 15%.
The time to buy ammo is right now, before those price increases hit and that cost is reflected at retail. Oh, don’t be so smug, Reloaders… this effects all reloading components as well.
Why is it going up? Global demand on metals, the deflating value of the Dollar, and futures trading. But if you have to point fingers at anyone. Here you go. China. China is buying raw material like crazy.  That’s just a fact.  All these have an effect on what you are going to pay for a box of your favorite ammo.
Cheap ammo is now a thing of the past.

Because of this training classes this year will have lower round count requirements to help offset this cost.

4 thoughts on “Time to buy Ammo”

      1. good call. sometimes its tough when they mark it up so much. I get they need to make a profit but sometimes it makes me go to the internet and still come out cheaper with shipping. I went to a gun show here last weekend and they were trying to sell Federal Champion 525 brick for $24. I thought you went to gun shows to get stuff cheaper?

  1. I’m getting in a case of 5.56 tomorrow. The Armory is running a great deal on the ATI 62gr. stuff and it’s guaranteed to shoot MOA or better. The last case I got even came with a 3 page inspection sheet along with a digital target of a 100 round, 100yd test fire from the lot. If it doesn’t shoot MOA then the lot isn’t accepted. THAT says A LOT for surplus ammo as typically “MIL SPEC” is out to something like 3.5 MOA acceptance. I do buy ammo locally…except from the places that charge nosebleed prices. If I can get a case of 5.56 for 100.00 cheaper INCLUDING SHIPPING then there is something wrong. If there is one thing that is consistant, it’s ammo prices steadily going up. I remember back in 2003 when I had a SA MG-34 belt-fed I could buy a spam can of 8mm for 32.00 and 7.62x54R for my SVT-40 for the same price (I’m not even going to mention the 33.00 for a 300rd South African battle Pack of .223) but now the price has tripled. It’s crazy, but unfortunately unavoidable.

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