6 thoughts on “And now a word from T.”

  1. T hit the nail on the head.
    Whenever we go to the range we end up picking up bottles, ammo boxes, shotgun shells.
    There is no courtesy any more.


  2. Awesome T. People leaving crap like that out there like that just shows a general lack of respect. If that gets out of hand (already is) T’s right they will shut down a great place to shoot.

  3. The last time we were out there we were told by the Sheriff’s office that the BLM did in fact close the area because of the trash. We contacted the BLM and discovered that the sheriff’s deputy who ran us out was full of crap.

    But it could have just as easily been true. People leave trash out there all the time. The more people do that, the more likely these public lands will end up closed to us.

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