Some time ago on the old MadOgre.com site, I made this list.  Time to update it a little, and repost it.  Prices may be a little off.

If I was to do just a Top Ten, it would be full of optics that never dipped below a grand. So what I’ve done is to take a look at each price tier and pick a scope or two at that level. I’ll start out on the low end of the price scale and we’ll work our way up. Now the interesting thing about some of these scopes is that they can sometimes beat scopes at a higher price level. So you might want to take this list with you next time you hit the gun counter so you can check them out head to head with other scopes. When you are looking at a couple different scopes you need to compare the brightness, clarity, eye relief, magnification levels (are they actually magnifying as they are saying they are), and their history for strength. Another thing to consider is the reputation of the company for taking care of the customer after the purchase. There is no chart or number that allows you to rate a scope. Like say Candle Power or Lumens. End since everyone’s eyes are different, optics are subjective. So here we go: Continue reading OGRE’S TOP SCOPE PICKS:

ATI Commander Update

Had some emails asking about how this gun has held up.  Well, I’ve not shot it much lately primarily because I’ve been off my feet letting my knee mend.  But before me knee issue, I’ve put a number of rounds through it.  It has about 350 rounds fired of mixed ammunition.  PMC, CCI, Speer, Cor-bon, and Remington UMC.   I did have one hiccup in the first round of firings, a failure to feed.  That was with some Remington UMC ammo…. which any time I do have a failure in any gun – it’s usually Remington UMC ammo that has the hiccup.  I really don’t like that ammo.

I put in a heavier recoil spring.  Reason being, it felt like it was under sprung.  Just a couple pounds more…. feels just right now.  Since then, I’ve not had a single failure of any sort.  Then again, I’ve not fired any more Remington ammo through it.

Ejection remains very consistent.  Accuracy, while yet to be put on paper, has been Minute of Water Bottle.  My impression is that it’s very accurate.  However I still need to paper this gun along with a couple others.  (My Springfield GI and the Sterling)  When I am more “On my feet” I’ll do that.  Until then I’m only speculating on the accuracy.

The gun shoots better than other 1911’s that cost much more.   Cosmetically, the gun remains unchanged so far… as far as Finish goes.  It’s only sporting the swapped grips I mentioned in another post.  I’ve yet to have the finish altered in any way.  So other than a spring and some wood, this ATI remains stock.

I do want some more appropriate grips for it.  The very nice reddish wood grips don’t quite look right.  They are too nice.  And I need an appropriate holster.  Simple brown leather.

I remain well pleased with this little Commander.

Variable Power

I was looking at my rifles… and I noticed something that got me thinking.  All my rifles tend have scopes that are variable powered, but they are always left on the same power setting.   I never adjust the magnification power.  All the midrange scopes are all on the highest setting, the high powered scopes are all the midrange setting.   And I never move them… never change them.  That’s just how I shoot them. Continue reading Variable Power

All Female F-15 mission

This is interesting… for those that double female military capability:

I find this to be an interesting follow up to the previous topic. What wasn’t reported in the news clip here, was that the mission was a success. I wonder how many missions were conducted with an all female crew.

The country we should invade

I have a little suggestion for the Administration.  Bring home every Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, and Marine from Iraq and Afghanistan… and of course Libya.  Private Contractors can finish everything up just fine over there… but bring home all our  Armed Forces.

Then we invade Mexico.   Completely, totally, and utterly.   We go street by street, house by house… and we kill everyone having anything to do with the Drug Cartels, Terrorist Groups, or any Gang affiliation such as MS-13 and the like.   We finish this.  Two more American Citizens were killed waiting to cross the border back into the US.

If we could accomplish that, then we wouldn’t have to worry about border security save for ports of entry check points much like Canada.    But while we are there… how about a little regime change?  Process out all corruption in the bureaucracy there.  Okay, well, maybe not that.  We’d have to sort out our own first before we could point fingers on that count.