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The topic of military charities has come up and two Orgs stand out.   The USO and the Wounded Warrior Project are two that stand out the most to me and some others.   I’ve had some positive experiences with the USO and one time they really helped me out when I didn’t even ask. 

I was on my way home and at the airport found that our flight had been canceled for some reason.  There were a couple other soldiers on the same flight… we were left high and dry by American Airlines.  This guy from the USO comes up.  Said he got us seats on another airline that was getting ready to take off.  Our luggage was transfered and we had some nice seats on a direct flight on Delta.  This USO dude set it all up for us, unasked.  He just saw some soldiers that needed a hand, and he did it.   The USO does that.  They help out a lot more that just that… a lot of troops have good things to say about the USO.

Then there is the Wounded Warrior Project that is just incredible.  I’ve not dealt with them directly, but lots of guys have.   Guys that need more than help getting a flight at the airport.  Guys that need help beyond the normal VA support chain gives.

You guys of The Horde may have other Orgs that you like too… These are my two picks.

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  1. George, I am retired navy and had been a contributor to the USO until they let America hater, Kathy Griffin, host a show last year. At least the troops booed her when she was dumping on Bristol Palin. Maybe I’ll get over it, but not yet. Amen to the Wounded Warrior Project.

    1. I don’t even know who Kathy Griffin is… but I do know all the other great shows they bring out to the troops. My brother has a Bass Guitar signed by Disturbed when they went to the sand box. Disturbed rocked the place. Along with another group, Carlos Mencia, and others…

  2. Don’t forget Soldier’s Angels, George. They do some really, really great work.

    Another USO story, not quite as cool as yours, but still cool. Back in 2003, I was with 3/2 Stryker at Ft. Lewis, and we were going down to NTC for our initial shakedown after finally receiving our vehicles. We had a chartered 747 doing turns, one or two trips a day, to take the whole brigade down there. About 350 or 700 pax a day for a week. There’s a small USO next to the pax shed at McChord, and everyone went through there while they waited for the plane.

    Myself, a couple of other staff officers, and some senior NCOs were bringing up the rear of the line, and as we got near the counter, we all pulled out some money to stick in the donation jar. on the counter. The little old volunteer lady behind the counter saw what we were about to do, and grabbed the jar and hid it in a cabinet, saying they were there to take care of us and not take our money.

    USO has been on my CFC form ever since.

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