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Some time ago on the old MadOgre.com site, I made this list.  Time to update it a little, and repost it.  Prices may be a little off.

If I was to do just a Top Ten, it would be full of optics that never dipped below a grand. So what I’ve done is to take a look at each price tier and pick a scope or two at that level. I’ll start out on the low end of the price scale and we’ll work our way up. Now the interesting thing about some of these scopes is that they can sometimes beat scopes at a higher price level. So you might want to take this list with you next time you hit the gun counter so you can check them out head to head with other scopes. When you are looking at a couple different scopes you need to compare the brightness, clarity, eye relief, magnification levels (are they actually magnifying as they are saying they are), and their history for strength. Another thing to consider is the reputation of the company for taking care of the customer after the purchase. There is no chart or number that allows you to rate a scope. Like say Candle Power or Lumens. End since everyone’s eyes are different, optics are subjective. So here we go: Continue reading OGRE’S TOP SCOPE PICKS: