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Pocket Sized Yellow, Single Blade Lightsaber

This was a gift to me from an old Jedi friend of mine from a long time ago in a place far far away.   It’s a small single bladed lightsaber with a small synthetic yellow crystal as it’s beam producing core.   This gives the 3″ lightsaber a 3″ blade.  The balance is weighted heavily to the hilt where the power pack makes up the majority of the mass.   Continue reading Pocket Sized Yellow, Single Blade Lightsaber

Star Trek > Star Wars

Netflix has the original series (with updated special effects) on streaming… I’ve watched about a dozen episodes.  Now, I’ve always been on the Star Wars side of the issue.  But after suffering a 20 year wait only for George Lucas to give me Jar-Jar Binks… I have come to reconsider both Sci-Fi universes and I have a new conclusion.

Star Trek is Cooler than Star Wars.

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