Pocket Sized Yellow, Single Blade Lightsaber

This was a gift to me from an old Jedi friend of mine from a long time ago in a place far far away.   It’s a small single bladed lightsaber with a small synthetic yellow crystal as it’s beam producing core.   This gives the 3″ lightsaber a 3″ blade.  The balance is weighted heavily to the hilt where the power pack makes up the majority of the mass.  

Unlike most normal Lightsabers which have a powerpack runtime of 40 to 85 years (depending on the tempo of use and projected blade length) this little fellow’s power pack is only good for a mear 15 years of use, and 35 on standby.  Unfortunately, it’s not rechargeable.  The upshot is that it uses the same powerpacks as required by the standard Imperial Issue E-11 Blaster Rifle’s Electronic Optical Gunsight.  So finding fresh powerpacks is quiet easy, and available at any Radio Hutt, or inattentive Stormtrooper.  They never use their Optics, so these powerpacks are generally always fresh.

It’s certainly an elegant little cutter, and not out of place in any civilized gentleman’s pocket.   The blade snaps open fast with a satisfying hiss, and retracts cleanly with no residual energy spike.  They do cut very well, and better than you might think given it’s size… but the fine lightblade it projects is especially focused, so it turns big jobs into little tasks quite easily.
Comparable to a Corellian made Vibro-Blade, these cut just as well, with the additional bonus of Toasting and Cheese Melting when it comes to food prep.
These can be had on sale at Toshi Station, or just order them from SaberHQ.  (Red Bladed versions are Sold Out)

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